Tax Deductible FAQs

The CAC Benevolent Fund is managed by the Cauliflower Alley Club and it is where you can provide your personal helping hand to those in need.

Created by co-founder Mike Mazurki, the Benevolent Fund plays an essential role as it is the only source within our industry to assist former and current wrestlers, or folks affiliated with the business, with emergency funds for medical bills, living expenses, assistance for emergencies, or other areas when financial aid is required. The CAC has assisted more than 150 members in financial need with well over a quarter of a million dollars.

You can donate to the CAC Benevolent Fund and receive a tax deductible form for your contribution.

Benevolent fund donations

Must be paid by check only and mailed to:

CAC Benevolent Fund
10823 Indian Hills Court, Unit 29
Seminole, FL 33777

Benevolent fund request form

If you would like to request CAC assistance for an individual, please see our Benevolent Fund Request page.

Once it is completed, scan the form and email it to Darlene Kreis at or mail the form to:

CAC Benevolent Fund
10823 Indian Hills CT, Unit 29
Seminole, FL 33777