CAC Radio

CAC Radio #82

As the Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion pays tribute to the legacy of Memphis Wrestling, Jim Valley plays an interview recorded during the 2016 CAC Reunion with Voice of Memphis Wrestling, the late Lance Russell. He talks about his career, the ups and downs of Memphis Wrestling and his favorite memories. After that we’re joined by Brennon Martin, the grandson of the legendary Christine “Teeny” Jarrett. He has memories of her life and career plus details on the Learning Series Seminar “Professional Wrestling’s Grand Dame” with his uncle Jerry Jarrett and Jerry Lawler. Lots of Memphis memories as we get ready for the 56th Annual CAC Reunion September 26–28 at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

CAC Radio #81

CAC Radio remembers "Mr. CAC" Karl Lauer. Host Jim Valley and President and CEO Brian Blair talk about all the contributions of the late Karl Lauer. They also look ahead to the next reunion at The Plaza in downtown Las Vegas. After that, 2022 Men's Award Honoree Kevin Sullivan joins the show to talk about his career in Florida, Eddie Graham, booking WCW, Hulk Hogan, Dusty Rhodes, his thoughts on Steve Austin vs Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 38 and his advice for young wrestlers today.

CAC Radio #80

An update on the CAC Reunion in Las Vegas, plus we talk to this year's Men's Award recipient Ricky Santana on his career including Puerto Rico, the northwest, Florida and much more.

CAC Radio #79

In this episode of CAC Radio, President Brian Blair updates Jim Valley and MK with the latest information about the CAC Reunion now happening in September in Las Vegas including if there will be any changes to the honorees or the event in general. From there we honor one the most important people in the history of the Cauliflower Alley Club organization, Dean Silverstone, who passed away in March. Brian Blair, Ken Hamblin and Mike Rodgers all share their memories of "Uncle Dean" and what made him so special.

CAC Radio #78

CAC Radio is back. Jim Valley and M.K. talk about the latest wrestlers and legends who will be honored this year in Las Vegas. After a conversation about what they have been up to and the state of the pro wrestling business, Jim and MK remember Donny Langdon, a member of “The Ring of Friendship” who we lost in February. Withy many people making their plans right now, M.K. and Billy Blade from Pro Wrestling Unplugged update on what you need to know about this year’s Casino Royale wrestling cards and the now-famous (maybe infamous?) strut-off. A few months away from the 55th Annual Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion and this is, as Baron Von Rashke might say, “All da people need to know!”

Vance Nevada

In this episode of CAC Radio, Jim Valley and MK recap all of the latest CAC Reunion news including honorees Madusa, Rey Mysterio, and Maddison Miles. Then they are joined by wrestler, historian, and new editor of The Ear, Vance Nevada. In a fantastic interview, Vance talks about his beginnings in wrestling, the Northern Death Tours, why he feels the Bollywood Boys are so deserving of their WWE success, what inspired him to dig deep into historical pro wrestling records, what to expect from The Ear going forward and an absolutely touching story about what happened when Vance Nevada gave career results for his mother and father to Ted DiBiase.


We talk to one of the newest lifetime members of the CAC. Madusa joins Jim Valley and M.K. to talk about whom and what inspired her to join. She’s got a lot of passion and a ton of ideas for promoting the CAC and growing its membership. In a very organic moment, Jim messages CAC Executive Board Member and organizer of The Learning Series Ron Hutchinson to connect him with Madusa. We may see her host a seminar in 2020 at the CAC Reunion in Las Vegas. Hear how it happened during this podcast. Hopefully that will inspire young wrestlers to make arrangements for Las Vegas April 27–29. In addition, Madusa talks about her personal plans and projects for the future.

Cowboy Scott Casey

“M.K.” Matthew Roblez is back with Jim Valley on CAC Radio. In this edition, M.K. recaps his highlights of the 2019 CAC reunion in Las Vegas, plus he talks about his travels all over the wrestling world as a manager. Then we tell some road stories from the 1970s through the '90s with Cowboy Scott Casey, who has a new book called “One Last Ride: The Tale of Cowboy Scott Casey.” Scott talks about Andre the Giant, Cowboy Lang, Wahoo McDaniel, the Funks, Dick Murdoch, and other legends. Casey is a 2006 CAC honoree and in 2018 he introduced his trainees, Booker T and Stevie Ray as they accepted the Tag Team award.

Jim Valley & Ron Hutchison recap the 2019 CAC reunion!

The 2019 CAC Reunion is in the books. In this episode of CAC Radio, Jim Valley & Ron Hutchison recap the highlights, including speeches from Tyrus, Mark Henry, Mike Rodgers, and an emotional presentation to the family of Larry Matysik. Plus, Ron talks about his career as a wrestler and trainer of such stars as Edge, Christian, Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, and more. Ron's new book “Pain Torture Agony” debuted and sold out at CAC 2019 and is available now at!

Mike Rodgers, foremost authority on Pacific Northwest Wrestling, to receive James Melby Historian Award.

The countdown is on to Las Vegas and the 2019 Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion. On this episode of CAC Radio, Jim Valley and MK talk to this year's James Melby Historian award honoree Mike Rodgers, perhaps the foremost authority on wrestling history of the Pacific Northwest. As the editor of the classic newsletter “Ring Around the Northwest,” Mike recorded hundreds of pages of stories, results & news items. He shares his memories of Playboy Buddy Rose (who just went into the Legacy wing of the WWE Hall of Fame), Moondog Lonnie Mayne, Gorgeous George, Gino Hernandez, Don Owen, Daniel Bryan, the Singh Brothers, and much more. Jim & MK also run down details on how wrestlers and others can be a part of Casino Royale wrestling show at the 2019 Cauliflower Alley Club reunion, and give an overview of this year's CAC honorees, the Learning Series seminars, and all the events coming our way on April 29 to May 1.

Remembering the Intelligent, Sensational Destroyer!

CAC Radio remembers the legacy of the Intelligent, Sensational Destroyer, Dick Beyer. In this episode, Jim Valley and MK talk to one of Japan's historians, Fumi Saito, about The Destroyer's career. From his legendary matches against Rikidozan and Giant Baba to his regular TV appearances, Dick Beyer was a celebrity in Japan. We even play a clip from The Destroyer singing “Jingle Bells” from his Christmas album. In addition, we cover the upcoming deadlines for the CAC Reunion in Las Vegas, how to get booked for Casino Royale, and more.

Tonight's main event! David Shultz takes on 20/20's John Stossel!

He's best known for slapping John Stossel on ABC's 20/20. This month, Jim Valley and MK talk to Dr. D David Schultz about his time in the AWA, WWF, Portland, Continental and more. He also gives his thoughts on Verne Gagne, Vince McMahon, the Welch/Fuller Family and his time as a bounty hunter. David Schultz is not only going to be honored by the CAC this year as a Men's Award recipient, he's the subject of a learning series seminar on April 30th at 2 p.m. Be sure to get your CAC reunion tickets now. They're going fast.

Brian Blair on the CAC reunion & Jim Valley talks about his trip to Japan

There are lots of things happening with the Cauliflower Alley Club and this episode of CAC Radio covers it all. President B. Brian Blair joins Jim Valley and MK to talk about the newest honorees – The Faces of Fear, Haku and The Barbarian – receiving this year's tag team award. In addition, he covers some of the recent changes to the CAC Executive Board, like the addition of Scott Teal as executive vice-president and Brian's goals leading this non-profit organization. He also covers the seminars and why it's important to make your arrangements now for April 29 through May 1. Also, Jim just got back from Tokyo. He talks about seeing New Japan's Wrestle Kingdom 13, an All Japan card at Korakuen, and two shows by Stardom, Japan's largest women's promotion.

The Blue Meanie Debuts on CAC Radio

CAC Radio hosts Jim Valley & MK preview the 2019 CAC reunion in Las Vegas with talk about the latest honoree announcements. They also remember those we've lost � Larry (The Axe) Hennig, Brickhouse Brown, and 2019 Posthumous honoree Larry Matysik. After that, pro wrestler and CAC member John Styler joins the show to talk about his accomplishments in 2018, including winning the Johnny Weaver Cup, appearing on WWE Raw, and his plans for the future. In addition, the Blue Meanie joins the program to talk about all the fun he had at CAC in Las Vegas (especially the 'Strut Off') and why he is looking forward to more in 2019.

Larry Hennig Joins CAC Radio to Discuss Special Honor

2015 Iron Mike Mazurki honoree Larry (The Ax) Hennig joins Jim Valley and MK on this episode of CAC Radio. Larry is receiving one of the world's highest honors: he's getting a beer named after him. It's called “The Axe is Back” Imperial Pecan Brown. We talk about the beer, his time in growing up in Minnesota, wrestling for Otto Wanz, plus Larry not only sings TWO songs, he tells a story about the time he and his son Curt accidentally found a nudist colony while on a fishing trip and a rib that you probably couldn't get away with today.

Original GLOW Girl Roxy Astor Joins CAC Radio

On this new episode of CAC Radio we go back to the future as Jim and MK welcome a member of the original Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, Roxy Astor, to the program. She talks about the upcoming “AfterGLOW 80’s Musical Experience!,” the impact of GLOW, and much more.

Travis Orndorff Shares Stories About His Father

Co-hosts Jim and MK welcome Travis Orndorff to the program. He updates his father's health and the latest situation with Paul's house. Travis also tells some never-before-heard stories about growing up as the son of Mr. Wonderful and spending time around the wrestling business including anecdotes about Junkyard Dog, the Legion of Doom, and, of course, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper!

CAC Radio Remembers 3 Wrestling Stars

It's a very special edition of CAC Radio as we remember Nikolai Volkoff, Brian Christopher and Brickhouse Brown. CAC president Brian Blair talks about all three, who we lost over one weekend. Brian worked with Nikolai in Florida and the WWF, plus he talks about Brickhouse Brown, who he just met this year. Hear Brickhouse's story: his battle with prostate cancer, connecting with the CAC, and how he came back from the dead, only to lose his battle a few days later. In addition, hear Brickhouse Brown's emotional speech at the 2018 CAC Bockwinkel Blowout.

Steve Keirn and Brian Blair Share Classic Rib Stories

Steve Keirn and CAC president/CEO Brian Blair share some of the best rib stories you'll ever hear. They discuss Steve's various nicknames, memories of Bruiser Brody and Adrian Adonis, their favorite territories, different wrestling styles, and much more.

CAC Radio Recaps the 53rd Reunion

In this episode, co-hosts Jim Valley and MK recap the 53rd annual Cauliflower Alley Club reunion in Las Vegas, including the emotional speech of Brickhouse Brown. Also, CAC president/CEO Brian Blair talks about the story behind Brickhouse's appearance and how he got Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman to attend the CAC Awards Banquet. From Harlem Heat, to Cowboy Bob Orton winning at cribbage, relive all of the incredible moments in 2018!

CAC Radio — the Reunion is Here!

Everything you need to know about the upcoming 53rd CAC reunion in Las Vegas, NV! The reunion is this coming week at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino. Plus, Jim and Matthew conduct interviews with the following: Billy Blade on Casino Royal, Dan Murphy on The Fabulous Moolah seminar, and George Napolitano on his history with CAC.

Honoree Killer Kross Appears on CAC Radio

Jim and MK talk to Cauliflower Alley Club historian Karl Lauer about some of the more historical moments in CAC Reunion history, including: The first Iron Mike Mazurki award winner, the unusual deal once made to exceed the number of attendees allowed by the fire code, the only honoree to no-show the banquet, some surprise attendees who may show up this year, and much more! Also, Matthew interviews 2018 Rising Star honoree Kevin Kross about his career and philosophy on wrestling.

Steve Keirn and Brian Blair Share Classic Rib Stories

Jim and Matthew speak with 2018 club honoree Steve Keirn. Steve is being recognized this coming May with a CAC Trainer's Award and he shares many great stories of his time in pro wrestling. This is one of the most entertaining interviews you will ever hear! The show opens with a look back at the incredible career of Shawn Michaels, our 2018 Art Abrams/Lou Thesz Lifetime Achievement Award honoree.

Brian Blair and Bertrand Hebert Join CAC Radio

On this edition, Brian Blair shares memories of club honoree Steve Keirn. Steve is being recognized this coming May with the 2018 CAC Trainer's Award and Brian has many great stories of their time together. In addition, Jim and Matthew welcome author Bertrand Hebert, who himself is co-hosting the 2018 seminar on Montreal wrestling.

Baron von Raschke Shares His Memories of the Business

This show marks the debut of the new hosts, Jim Valley and Matthew Roblez, and features interviews with two special guests. First, Cauliflower Alley Club president/CEO Brian Blair joins the show to talk about the upcoming 2018 CAC Reunion scheduled for April 30-May 2, 2018. Jim and Matthew then welcome this year's Iron Mike Mazurki award winner, the legendary Baron von Raschke, to the show.

Brickhouse Brown Expresses His Thanks

Hosts David and Morgan welcome three special guests to the program. Legendary wrestler Brickhouse Brown talks about his career and shares entertaining stories about Terry Funk, Koko B Ware, Jerry Lawler, Triple H, Dusty Rhodes, and many other stars! He also talks about how the Cauliflower Alley Club has helped him during a difficult time. In addition, Ms. Bambi Weavil discusses her new role as the CAC Director of Communications, and finally, Matt Riviera discusses his new role in charge of CAC membership.

Dave Meltzer Looks Back at His Award-Winning Career

David welcomes the winner of the 2017 CAC James Melby Historian award, Dave Meltzer, to the program. Dave is one of the most respected journalists in pro wrestling, and during this interview, he discusses starting his Wrestling Observer Newsletter, his 5-star rating system, covering pro wrestling for almost 40 years, the changes in the business, his favorite performers, and much more. In addition, Seth Witz, better known as Fish 'n' Chips Wilson, joins the show to discuss the Cauliflower Alley Club, the upcoming reunion, The Fish 'n Chips boxing club, and much more.

Tully Blanchard Reflects On His Career

Hosts David and Morgan welcome wrestling legend and 2017 Iron Mike award honoree, Mr. Tully Blanchard, to the program. Tully talks about: His father's wrestling promotion, playing college football, starting out in the business, learning from the Funk Brothers, wrestling Magnum TA, the formation of the Four Horsemen, his rivalry with the Road Warriors, working for WWE, appearing in ECW, helping his daughter Tessa with her career, getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, winning the CAC Iron Mike Award, practicing his faith and religion, and much more! In addition, CAC member and well-known wrestling photographer Dr. Mike Lano joins the show to talk about the club's history, his favorite wrestling performers, and this year's club honorees.

Royal Duncan

David and Morgan welcome CAC executive board member Royal Duncan to the program. Royal talks about his background in pro wrestling, promoting and covering the wrestling business, writing his well-known books about title histories and ring names, owning a publishing company, being the new editor-in-chief of the EAR newsletter, and much more!

Mean Gene Okerlund

Hosts David and Morgan welcome a legendary voice in professional wrestling, Mean Gene Okerlund, to the program. Gene has been one of the most colorful personalities in pro wrestling for the past 40+ years. Gene talks about his early broadcasting career, working in the AWA, becoming friends with Bobby Heenan, leaving the AWA to join the WWF, singing at the first WrestleMania, the crowd at the Pontiac Silverdome, Hulk Hogan in WCW, his WWE Hall of Fame Induction, catching up with friends at the CAC reunion, filming “Legends House,” his advice to youngsters in the business. In addition, “Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, joins the broadcast to talk about the importance of the Cauliflower Alley Club and how his association with the CAC has helped his successful career.

Rob Schamberger

David and Morgan welcome famous painter Rob Schamberger to the show. Rob is well-known for his work with WWE and he shares his thoughts on his artistic background, as well as his partnership with the world's most pre-eminent wrestling company. Rob talks about how comic books influenced his career, falling in love with pro wrestling, working with WWE, how he decides on his subjects, how long it takes to complete a painting, his all-time favorite paintings, his charity work with Connor's Cure, [ainted live at WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and other events, his special 2016 CAC Reunion painting.

James Beard

David and Morgan welcome the first ever recipient of the CAC Charlie Smith Referee's Award, James Beard, to the program! James, a 2013 Texas Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame inductee, is a 30-year veteran in both the United States and abroad, working as a referee and behind the scenes as a television writer, creative consultant, booker, talent agent and promoter. James shares stories about life on the road, the skills needed to be a world-class referee, the importance of the CAC Reunions, and much more!

Trish Stratus

This was a great show to start 2016 as we welcome the recipient of the 2016 Iron Mike Award, Ms. Trish Stratus, to the program! Trish is the first-ever female recipient of this prestigious honor! She is a retired professional wrestler, former fitness model, fitness guru, actress and television personality. She is best known for her tenure with WWE where she is known as the greatest WWE Diva of all time. She is also a former 7-time WWE women's champion and the official WWE “Diva of the Decade”. She even won the WWE Hardcore championship at one point! David and Morgan are also joined on the show by legendary trainer and CAC board member Ron Hutchison. Ron had great success as a professional wrestler, trainer and promoter. He is known best for his work with his famous students including Christian, Edge, Trish Stratus, Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, Traci Brooks, Tiger Ali Singh, Johnny Swinger, Joe E. Legend, The Original Sinn, and Asylum. Ron joins us to talk about Trish Stratus's recognition as the 2016 Iron Mike Award winner. You'll enjoy hearing Ron's thoughts about Trish's career and her recognition by the Cauliflower Alley Club.

Remembering Nick Bockwinkel

We look back at the remarkable career of Nick Bockwinkel, a former CAC president and honoree, in addition to being one of professional wrestling's all-time legends. As great as he was in the ring, it was his class, grace, and elegance outside the ring that people, perhaps, remember most of all. David and Morgan are joined by “The Voice of Minnesota Wrestling,” who shares his thoughts and memories of Mr. Bockwinkel.

Paul Orndorff

Co-hosts David Buckler and Morgan Dollar are pleased to welcome “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff as the featured guest! Paul will receive a 2016 CAC men's wrestling award this coming April at the 51st CAC reunion, an honor that is long overdue for this pro wrestling Hall of Famer! Paul carved out a great legacy during his time in professional wrestling as one of the real tough guys in this business. He was a college football star that made the transition to professional wrestling, starting in the Mid-South territory in the mid-1970's. From there he rocketed through the industry, spending considerable time in the NWA, WWF, and WCW, building a career that earned him induction into multiple pro wrestling Hall of Fames. His rivalry with then-WWF champion Hulk Hogan holds up to this day, and he is can always be proud of being a featured competitor at the very first WrestleMania.

The High Flyers

We welcome former AWA tag team champions The High Flyers — Greg Gagne and “Jumpin’” Jim Brunzell — to the show. The High Flyers will be honored at the upcoming CAC Reunion with a tag team wrestling award. Greg and Jim share many great stories about their time working together, as well as their thoughts on Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, Verne Gagne, the AWA's legacy, and much more! In addition, we were joined by former wrestling promoter and current CAC executive board member, Dean Silverstone, who will share his insight into the Cauliflower Alley Club, as well as his experience as a wrestling promoter!

Jason Sanderson

Jason Sanderson, former wrestler and CAC board member, shares his insights into the CAC and how he became a successful author.

“Still Mosca” Fund Raiser

David and Morgan are joined by three special guests, headlined by one of Canada's finest athletes ever, former football player, pro wrestler, and CAC honoree, Angelo Mosca. In addition to Angelo, we also welcome his son Angelo, Jr., himself a former pro wrestler, and the executive director of the CFL Alumni Association, Leo Ezerins. These three gentlemen are on hand to talk about Angelo's great career, as well as their upcoming fund raiser, “Still Mosca,” in support of Alzheimer's disease. Angelo himself was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease earlier this year, so this is an important event, scheduled for August 26 in Ontario, Canada, to help raise awareness and research funding.

NWA President Bruce Tharpe

After discussing the passing of Dusty Rhodes and the latest club news, cohosts David and Morgan welcome NWA president and CEO Bruce Tharpe to the program. They talk about the National Wrestling Alliance, the upcoming project “NWA Classics 24/7”, recent CAC reunions, and much more!

Greg Oliver & AJ Kirsch

Hosts David and Morgan look back on the CAC's 50th anniversary reunion and are then joined by two special guests: Greg Oliver, the producer of the SLAM! Sports pro wrestling section, and AJ Kirsch, pro wrestler and reality TV star. These two gentlemen have long been supporters of the Cauliflower Alley Club and we hope you enjoy hearing about their respective careers, as well as their insight and appreciation of the club itself. During his interview, Greg shares stories about covering pro wrestling, falling in love with the business, attending the CAC Reunion, writing about Chris Benoit, remembering Verne Gagne, the long-term success of the WWE Network, his future projects, and more.

2015 Seminar Series with Bob Leonard

David and Morgan recap all the upcoming reunion details, and then welcome CAC executive board member and director of Canadian affairs, Bob Leonard, to the program. Bob gives us the rundown on the great line-up of seminars we have planned for this year. It is an impressive list of speakers, highlighted by some of the true stars in this business, such as Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Diamond Dallas Page, Short Sleeve Sampson, Jerry Brisco, and others.

Larry “The Ax” Hennig

David Buckler and Morgan Dollar are joined by the winner of the 2015 Iron Mike Mazurki Award, Larry “The Ax” Hennig. Larry tells stories about his long career in the wrestling business, one that has placed him in the International Wrestling Hall of Fame. Larry will receive his award during the 2015 CAC reunion, which is now only several weeks away, April 13-15, 2015! Larry discusses his amateur wrestling background, the influence of Verne Gagne, transitioning from amateur to pro wrestling, talent in the AWA, working with the Funks in Texas, traveling overseas, his tag team partnership with Harley Race, how he go the nickname “The Ax,” the end of the territories, his son Curt's natural talent, promoting professional wrestling, his grandson's future in WWE, working in real estate, the importance of the Cauliflower Alley Club, and more.

Jerry Brisco

On this episode, we are joined by Gerald Brisco, the winner of the 2015 Lou Thesz Lifetime Achievement Award. Jerry shares stories about his long career in the wrestling business, one that has placed him in the WWE Hall of Fame. Jerry talks about the legendary Lou Thesz, growing up in Oklahoma, wrestling in high school, tagging with his brother Jack Brisco, his first match, traveling in the territories, feuding with the notorious Funk brothers, locking up with Harley Race, discovering Hulk Hogan in Florida, joining the WWF, working as a road agent and booker, WrestleMania, memories of Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior, his on-camera partnership with Pat Patterson, winning the WWE Hardcore title, NXT. getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, and more.

Jim Cornette

Hosts David and Morgan are joined by two special guests! First, CAC board member Gloria Lovell joins us to chat about the upcoming 50th reunion celebration, and then we'll talk with legendary manager, and 1997 CAC honoree, Jim Cornette about his time in the wrestling business, and how he continues to entertain crowds to this day. Jim share his memories of growing up in Louisville, his first exposure to pro wrestling, working wrestling shows at 14 years old, how Jerry Jarrett and Bill Dundee influenced his career, becoming a wrestling manager, working with the Midnight Express, the success of the Memphis territory, why he carried a tennis racquet, the brilliance of Jimmy Valiant, wrestling against the Road Warriors, learning from Jim Ross, booking professional wrestling, working for WCW, WWE, TNA, and ROH, managing Yokozuna at WrestleMania, training John Cena, and more.

Beth Phoenix

CAC president Brian Blair joins the show to chat about the upcoming 50th reunion celebration. Then David and Morgan talk with “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix about her stellar wrestling career, a career which is being recognized with a 2015 CAC women's wrestling award. Beth shares stories about a wide range of topics, including wWrestling in high school, training with CAC board member Ron Hutchison, developing her talents in OVW, her debut on Monday Night RAW, recovering from serious injuries., working with Mickie James, Candice Michelle, Lay-Cool, and other top stars, creating the Glam Slam, winning the WWE women's championship. working WrestleMania, dealing with life on the road, appearing in the Royal Rumble, WWE's Total Divas, her friendship with Natalya, and more.

CAC board member Jason Deadrich

Special guests drop in on this episode. First, CAC Lifetime member David Fuller joins the show to chat about his IHWE promotion, his upcoming IHWE Hall of Fame ceremony, and the Bruiser Brody posthumous award. Then CAC board member and chairman of the Future Legend committee Jason Deadrich provides all the details for submitting nominees for the Future Legend award. The Future Legend award was started in 2000 and has become one of the highlights of the reunion each year. We have seen many of the individuals such as Cheerleader Melissa, Frankie Kazarian, Trevor Murdoch, Kurt Angle, and Santana Garrett, among others, go on to have fine wrestling careers. Jason also discusses his own background in professional wrestling, the challenges of being a promoter, the upcoming 50th CAC reunion, previous Future Legend award winners, and much more!


Individually, each man had wonderful careers in professional wrestling. Collectively though, they may have found their greatest success as the legendary tag team Demolition. Bill Eadie, known as Ax, and Barry Darsow, known as Smash, would win the world tag team championship on three occasions as the prominent tag team during the late '80s and early '90s in the World Wrestling Federation. They still hold the WWF records for both the single longest tag team title reign and the most combined days as reigning champions. Bill and Barry discuss their how they got started in the business, working the territories, achieving individual success, forming Demolition in 1987, working with Mr. Fuji and other legendary managers, enjoying the Golden Age of tag team wrestling, inventing the Demolition Decapitation, wrestling the Powers of Pain, British Bulldogs, and other great teams, adding Crush to the team, parting ways in 1990, and reuniting in 2007. David and Morgan also discuss the yearly CAC bowling tournament with Joe Mauriello, as well as other reunion news.

Diamond Dallas Page and the Historian Award announcement

We welcome wrestling star Diamond Dallas Page to the program! As we mentioned on our last show, Dallas is going to receive the 2015 Jason Sanderson Humanitarian award at the 50th annual CAC reunion. And in a special announcement, Diamond Dallas Page will ALSO be receiving a 2015 men's wrestling award! Dallas shares stories about his wrestling career, including working on the “DDP” character, learning from Jake “The Snake” Roberts, being inspired by Dusty Rhodes, the origins of the Diamond Cutter, enjoying the Monday Night Wars, working with Randy Savage, his most memorable championship, overcoming a serious injury, joining WWE, creating DDPYoga, and more. Also, David and Morgan announce the winner of the 2015 James C. Melby Historian Award.

Frankie Kazarian and the 2015 Humanitarian Award announcement

David and Morgan welcome wrestling star, and previous CAC Future Legend award recipient, Frankie Kazarian, to the program. Since beginning his career in the late 1990's Frankie Kazarian has become a true star in this business. He is perhaps best known for his work with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, especially his tag team partnership with Christopher Daniels. Frankie was honored by the CAC in 2005 with the Future Legend award.

Short Sleeve Sampson

David and Morgan are joined by Short Sleeve Sampson, a 2014 honoree of the Cauliflower Alley Club. He is a well-traveled veteran who has appeared in WWE, TNA, and many other promotions. As one of the world's most famous midget wrestlers, Sampson has won numerous championships and pieced together a resume worthy of his 2014 active men's wrestling award. At this past reunion, Sampson even put on the trunks and participated in the Casino Royale wrestling event, part of a victorious mixed-gender 12-person tag team match.

Santana Garrett, Dan Murphy, and Melissa Anderson

David and Morgan look back at a special few days in Las Vegas. We are also joined by three featured guests: the 2014 Future Legend award winner Santana Garrett, Pro Wrestling Illustrated writer Dan Murphy, and the 2014 Women's Active Wrestler honoree, Melissa Anderson. This is a great radio show following a great reunion.

2014 Reunion Seminars

David and Morgan talk with executive board member and seminar coordinator Bob Leonard. As everyone is preparing to arrive in Las Vegas in just a few short days, we discuss the seminars in detail. Bob has worked extremely hard to put together all these first-class seminars and we appreciate everyone involved as all those involved are donating their time for the Ring of Friendship.

Reunion updates and Casino Royale news with Billy Blade

This is a “Don’t you dare miss it!” interview with David, Morgan and the promoter of Vendetta Pro Wrestling, Billy Blade. This episode discusses the reunion with a focus on the two-night wrestling show, “Casino Royale.” A special THANK YOU goes out to all the promoters and sponsors who has made this show absolutely FREE to everyone. CAC members with a reserved banquet ticket get priority seating.

Iron Mike honoree Terry Taylor

On this edition, we welcome 2014 Iron Mike Mazurki honoree Terry Taylor to the show. Terry talks about his career from the beginning to today and what he is doing to keep the sport of professional wrestling as strong as ever. Find out how honored Terry is to be coming to the CAC reunion this June.

Famous belt maker Rico Mann joins the program!

Morgan Dollar and his radio co-host David Buckler welcome Rico Mann to the program. Rico talks about his partnership with Dave Millican and Reggie Parks, and how they have created championship belts for the world's largest wrestling promotions. Rico also talks about working with superstars like Madonna and KISS, the one-of-a-kind CAC Honoree belt they donate to the club every year, and how much he enjoys coming to the CAC Reunion. In addition, Morgan and David spend some time discussing the 2014 award nominees, William Moody's inclusion in the WWE Hall of Fame, and much more.

Season Greetings with President Bockwinkel & Dan Kroffat

Our first guest is the president of the CAC, a WWE Hall of Famer, and former AWA world champion, the legend himself — Nick Bockwinkel! Our second guest, Dan Kroffat, is a Canadian wrestling legend and a major supporter of the CAC. From the Hart Dungeon to the squared circle, Dan has done so much in the wrestling industry. Listen to this interview to learn first-hand how Dan became the original innovator of the “Ladder Match.”

Cowboy Bob Kelly

David and Morgan welcome CAC member and 2007 CAC honoree Cowboy Bob Kelly. Cowboy is also the president of the Gulf Coast Wrestlers Reunion. From Kentucky to Mobile, Alabama, sit back and find out how Cowboy got started and what the CAC and the GCWR means to him.

Wrestling Trainer & CAC Member Ron Hutchison

CAC member and pro wrestling trainer Ron Hutchison joins us on the edition. Ron has trained a list of who's who in professional wrestling, including Edge, Christian, Trish Stratus, Gail Kim and Beth Phoenix, and at this year's reunion, gave his very first seminar in a public forum.

Billy Blade talks Casino Royale and Brian Blair talks about his new position in the CAC

Billy Blade, of Vendetta Pro Wrestling, talks about the exciting two-night show coming to the CAC reunion in 2014. We also have the “Killer Bee,” Brian Blair, to discuss about his new position within the CAC. Two guests on one show!

2013 Future Legend Recipient Bobby Sharp

David and Morgan are joined by the 2013 Future Legend recipient, Bobby Sharp. Bobby, after only 10 years in the business, has accumulated more than 500 documented matches and isn't slowing down. Sit back and listen to Bobby as he talks about his career from the beginning and what he has in mind for the future.

GLOW Wrestler Ashley Cartier

David and Morgan welcome G.L.O.W.'s Ashley Cartier to the show. Ashley is a big supporter of the CAC and has found her a home at the annual CAC reunion.

Killer Bee Brian Blair & Reunion Recap

David and Morgan discuss this year's reunion with special guest Brian Blair. We are also proud to announce today that Brian Blair and the host of CAC Radio, David Buckler, have accepted positions on the CAC board of directors.

2013 Reunion Seminars

David & Morgan discuss the upcoming reunion with special guest Bob Leonard. Bob is the co-ordinator for the annual seminars. These seminars are included free with your banquet reservation/name badge that you pick up at the reception table Monday.

CAC Radio Talks Bowling & Cribbage at the Reunion

David & Morgan discuss the upcoming reunion with special guest Joe Mauriello and “The Destroyer,” Dick Beyer. While Joe tells us all about the “Dr. Ken Ramey Invitational” bowling tournament, The Destroyer tells us all about Cribbage! Instructions on how to play and help for those who have never played, but would like to learn.

CAC member & CNWA women's champion Raven Lake

For 19-plus years, Raven Lake has been traveling all across Canada. She recently was the winner of the first ever CNWA women's wrestling championship. Listen to Raven as she talks about women's wrestling in Canada, from being a single mom to making her dream come true, and the importance of why indy wrestlers need to attend the CAC reunion. Raven is truly a dedicated person in this wild and crazy business we all love.

2013 Men's Wrestling Honoree Jake “The Snake” Roberts

The CAC is proud to announce the 2013 Men's Wrestling honoree, none other than Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Jake has had a most unique career in professional wrestling. Jake is one of the most notable wrestlers when it comes to ring psychology. Listen to Jake as he discusses the ups and downs of his career, what the future holds for “The Snake,” and how Diamond Dallas Page plays a major role in “The Resurrection of the Snake.”

2013 Iron Mike Mazurki Honoree Announced

The CAC is proud to announce the 2013 Iron Mike Mazurki Honoree today. If you want to find out who it is, listen to David and Morgan introduce this outstanding wrestler. Listen as he talks about his humble beginnings growing up on a farm to traveling all over the world.

Tribute Show To Red Bastien

Big Bill Anderson joins David and Morgan. Bill and Red trained some well-known talent. This is a powerful radio show about a great man who was a true legend of the wrestling business.

Rockin' Robin

Enjoy this interview with the 2011 Women's honoree Rockin' Robin. Robin talks at length about her wrestling career, who trained her and what she has been up to since leaving the wrestling scene.

Al Burke

Dave and Morgan are joined this week by 2012 Jason Sanderson Humanitarian honoree Al Burke. From boxing & karate to professional wrestling to the Hollywood silver screen, Al has done it all. However, his biggest honor is putting smiles on childrens' faces that are suffering life threating problems.

Rock Riddle

Dave and Morgan are joined this week by “Mr. Wonderful,” Rock Riddle. Find out how a kid from Burlington, North Carolina, made it big in the wrestling world and later parlayed his talents in the Hollywood acting scene.

Reunion Recap

Dave and Morgan recap the 2012 reunion from start to finish! Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy as Dave & Morgan reflect on this years reunion.

EVP Karl Lauer

Join hosts Dynamite Dave and Morgan as they talk with CAC executive vice-president Karl Lauer as he talks at length about his journey in pro wrestling. He also shares information about the 2012 CAC reunion and the Roast & Toast.

Bob Leonard and the 2012 CAC Seminars

Bob Leonard talks at length about his journey in pro wrestling, and discusses the 2012 CAC reunion seminars.

Wendi Richter

CAC Radio hosts David and Morgan interview the 2012 Lifetime Achievement honoree Wendi Richter. Find out what Wendi has been up to after wrestling and why she is much deserving of this award!

Little Egypt

We are proud to have one of the original GLOW Girls, Little Egypt on CAC radio. Little Egypt is the driving force behind the GLOW girls reuniting at the annual CAC reunions. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy this interview as Little Egypt talks about her time in the wrestling ring, what ended her career, and what she is doing now to help promote wrestling and keep the GLOW name alive.

Terry Leavitt

CAC Member and arist Terry Leavitt joins David and Morgan to talk about his fund raiser on January 20 to help raise money for his trip to this year's reunion, along with his drawing that will be auctioned of at this years reunion.

Reel Honoree Grizzly Adams

2012 CAC Reel honoree Dan Haggerty, better known as Grizzly Adams, joins David and Morgan in a very interesting interview. This interview steps out of the wrestling ring and into the Silver screen.

WWE Hall Of Famer Jimmy Valiant and EVP Karl Lauer

This is an excellent interview with WWE Hall Of Famer and CAC 2002 honoree Jimmy Valiant. Jimmy talks about what he's done in the past and what he is up to now. We close the show with CAC EVP Karl Lauer.

2004 Future Legend Honoree Melissa Anderson

David & Morgan have an excellent interview with the 2004 Future Legend honoree, Melissa Anderson. Melissa was the first ever female recipient of this prestigious award. Melissa talks at length about the importance of the CAC's annual Future Legend award and how it has boosted her career. From the squared circle to the silver screen, Melissa has accomplished what every up-and-coming wrestler dreams of doing.

Judy Martin

Our special guest, one of this year's Women's wrestling honoree, Judy Martin, trained by the Fabulous Moolah, has wrestled for every major wrestling promotion in both singles and tag team competition. Know as the Glamour Girls, Judy and Leilani Kai held the WWF tag team title in 1985 and the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association.

Inaugural CAC Radio Show

The first episode of CAC Radio features an in-depth conversation with the legendary manager of the Four Horseman, James J. Dillon! JJ is a 2007 inductee of the CAC and is the CAC’s official emcee for the banquets held in Las Vegas each year. JJ shares some of the highlights of his career, along with the importance of the CAC reunions.