Tribute to Johnny Powers

Tribute to Johnny Powers

The news of his passing hit me particularly hard when I heard about it on Jan. 7 of this year. One of my mentors, Johnny Powers had passed away on Dec. 30, 2022.

No words will ever be able to express the debt of gratitude to, and effect Johnny had on his students. Particularly me. He didn't show up regularly, as he was often away touring Nigeria and other far-off lands or cutting various business deals both domestically and in the United States, but when he did, his presence was almost overwhelming. He worked us hard. We perspired. We learned. We, eagerly, absorbed each little morsel of knowledge that Johnny was willing to impart, both on wrestling and physical fitness and we looked forward to the day he would be back in class to "work us hard" all over again.

Through the years John and I had been in, on and off, contact with each other. He was a private man who didn't want his contact info. released but, somehow, we had always managed to stay in contact. We got together to talk about his fledgling MMA promotion which he wanted me to help him with. The picture here, with myself and Mauro Ranallo flanking Johnny, was taken at one of his MMA try outs in Toronto. He wrote a blurb for my book, " Pain, Torture, Agony" (available for purchase on the Crowbar Press website) and In the covid years we corresponded about meeting up to discuss a further business deal.

Unfortunately, with Covid dragging on and on, I was not able to make it up to his Smithville, Ontario farm to visit before his, untimely, passing. It is missed opportunity that I will forever regret.

Mike Mooneyham, the phenomenal journalist who, among other things, covers the wrestling beat for the Charleston Post and Courier newspaper out of Charleston, South Carolina, just penned a great 4-part series on the life of my mentor which I would like to share with you all here. It's a comprehensive look at a professional wrestling icon that contains information that even I didn't know. It was a fitting tribute to a man that I held in the greatest of esteem.

Mike's series can be read by clicking on the 4 links at the conclusion of this story. The links will take you to the Post and Courier website.

Rest in peace JP. Thank you for your guidance, your support and your friendship of over 4 decades. You were a giant, not only in stature but a giant in our industry. I will remain, forever grateful for both your tutelage and your friendship.


Ron Hutchison

The Johnny Powers series by Mike Mooneyham: