A Wed. Night Run on Lifetime Memberships!

A Wed. Night Run on Lifetime Memberships!

The membership sign-ups, they just kept on coming!

There was a run on CAC Lifetime memberships at the Wed. night banquet and the spectacle had to be seen to be truly appreciated.

President Brian Blair, at the podium to encourage all of our attendees, both honorees and annual members, put the word out that the CAC is always on the lookout for Lifetime members to support our cause.

That was all it took, with wrestling superstar upon wrestling superstar not to be outdone by one another, opened up their wallets and submitted their lifetime dues memberships right there on the spot to CAC EVP and Treasurer Rich Ingling.

Lifetime CAC membership results in half of your lifetime membership dues directed towards the Benevolent Fund whereas the remaining 50% of your dues goes towards covering your actual lifetime dues.

The CAC is indebted to, and thanks all of our members for their support but we'd like to take this opportunity to offer a special note of gratitude to the following members whose rush to acquire their CAC Lifetime memberships during our Wed. night awards dinner created quite an entertaining spectacle.

Welcome and thank you to our newest Lifetime Members:

-Rey Mysterio Jr. -James Beard -Haku -Robert Gibson -Ricky Morton -John Bradshaw Layfield -Robert Walker (son of Mr. Wrestling II) -Jerry "The King" Lawler -"Cowboy" Bob Orton

Thank you to all. Together, we are, the ring of friendship!