The Cauliflower Alley Club Announces Three New Appointees

The Cauliflower Alley Club Announces Three New Appointees

The board of directors of the Cauliflower Alley Club is pleased to announce the appointments of three of our biggest supporters into their new positions within the organization as we strive to continuously improve the club for our members worldwide.

MS. DARLA STAGGS, previously serving on the advisory board has been unanimously voted to serve on the executive board, effective immediately and will retain her duties as the club's benevolent coordinator. Darla has been a former recipient of the Red Bastien Friendship award, has been in the banking industry for over four decades and has been serving as our club's benevolent coordinator since July 2020.

MR. DAN MURPHY joins the advisory board as advisory board chair and maintains his role as being in charge of hospitality room vendor sales and Reunion program ad sales. Dan is a long time club member, author and pro-wrestling journalist and will continue to be the go-to-man for those wishing to book your 2022 reunion merchandise tables and/or reunion program ad sales.

MR. HERB SIMMONS comes to the CAC advisory board as the club's ambassador and communicator, a position previously held by the late Karl Lauer. Herb serves as a treasurer, director, chair and executive director on several boards in his home region of East Carondelet, Illinois. He also serves as the executive director of Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling and was last years recipient of the Red Bastien Friendship award.

The CAC board of directors welcomes and looks forward to working with all three appointees and knows that all three bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion that can only serve to strengthen the ring of friendship.