Maddison Miles: A CAC Rising Star!

Maddison Miles: A CAC Rising Star!

"Everybody wants to be a wrestler until it's time to be a wrestler."

And with that statement young Maddison Miles cinched my nomination for the Cauliflower Alley Club's Rising Star Award back in 2020.

Of course, Covid-19 plagued the world, the 2020 CAC reunion was cancelled and, although rescheduled to 2021, still many CAC faithful could not attend due to Covid travel restrictions, including Maddison Miles (because the US was not allowing planes from the United Kingdom to land).

Miles, born January 6, 2000, has been around professional wrestling almost her whole life. Her obsession started as a 5 year old girl in her hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada where she used to attend the local professional matches and became known to both the fans and the wrestlers as Halifax's super fan. Until this day she has huge photo albums containing hundreds upon hundreds of pictures of her posing with most of the wrestlers she had met growing up.

Maddison, has been attending the Cauliflower Alley Club's annual reunions in Las Vegas yearly since she was 16 years old, except when Covid wouldn't allow. She had her first match at the age of 15 and was a participant in WWE's first ever Canadian tryout, held during SummerSlam weekend, August 2019, in Toronto. In September of the same year she relocated herself to England, and has now become a dominant force on the UK women's wrestling scene.

She is a world traveller with over 150,000 miles logged and close to a dozen different countries under her belt competing against the likes of the UK's Saraya Knight, Ring of Honor Wrestling's Kelly Klein, WWE's Victoria and many more.

During her time in the ring, to date, Maddison has won the Maritime Cup Tournament, the IHW Women's Championship and has been a multi-time DOA United Kingdom Women's Champion. She's wrestled in all 10 Canadian provinces and has worked for 67 different professional wrestling promotions around the world, including the United States, Mexico, Germany, the UK and Austria.

The Cauliflower Alley Club welcomes Maddison Miles back to the North American continent as she flies in from the UK to gratefully accept the CAC's Rising Star Award this September at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Vegas.