Did you "Roll Over" Last Year's Reunion Ticket to be Used in 2022?

Did you "Roll Over" Last Year's Reunion Ticket to be Used in 2022?

So, you're waiting with anticipation for this September's 56th Cauliflower Alley Club reunion at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Your flight is booked, you've made your hotel reservation, you've ensured that your CAC membership is up to date (and will not expire before or during our 2022 reunion) and you've got your reunion ticket secured for September's fun filled CAC festivities!!

If you've purchased your 2022 banquet ticket(s) since they were put on sale on the club's website on Dec. 11th of last year, GREAT! You are all set (please remember to bring your PayPal receipt of payment, as always, as proof of your banquet ticket purchase).

However, and this is the IMPORTANT part, if you did NOT ATTEND the 2021 reunion and you FAILED TO CONTACT the CAC to "roll over" your reunion ticket(s) to be used in 2022 then you must purchase a 2022 reunion ticket through the link on our website in order to attend this September's reunion.

As was posted multiple times on the website leading into the 2021 reunion (see news story dated May 18, 2021 as an example) you had three options for your banquet tickets if you decided that you weren't going to attend the 2021 reunion.

The first option was to donate the ticket purchase amount to the club's benevolent fund. The second was a full refund of the ticket purchase price. The third and final option was to roll your ticket over for our 56th reunion. If you contacted the CAC stating any one of the three options, prior to our 2021 reunion, you received an email stating your choice in regards to your 2021 ticket.

IF YOU DID NOT CONTACT the CAC in regards to any of the options listed above YOUR TICKET WAS NOT AUTOMATICALLY ROLLED OVER! The hotel charged the CAC banquet fees based on the number of banquet ticket sales submitted prior to the 2021 banquet and, if you didn't contact us to 'roll over' your ticket, your ticket money went to paying the 2021 banquet costs.

If the above is the case you do not have a 2022 banquet ticket and MUST purchase a ticket to join us in September.

Hopefully, the above doesn't apply to you and we regret if there was any misunderstanding.

We look forward to seeing you all in September at the Plaza Hotel and Casino!!