Pugilistic "Heavyweights" On Our Membership List

Pugilistic "Heavyweights" On Our Membership List

Boxers. Wrestlers. Movie stars. Fans.

Throughout the years, the membership of the Cauliflower Alley Club has been comprised of thousands of the above.

Champions. Contenders. Cut men.

Our boxing members have run the gauntlet of each of the above descriptions.

Royal Duncan has been digging into our membership database and has compiled a list of pugilists who have helped comprise the "ring of friendship".

The following is a list of boxing members of our club. These particular boxing members have not been world champions. (Royal submitted another list that featured the many world boxing champions that were CAC members and, to review, please feel free to click on the link below.)


Updated 11/11/2021

Abrahamson, Irv (Publishes “Boxing World”)

Aragon, Art “Golden Boy”

Arum, Bob

Attell, Young Abe Azteca, Kid

Azzard, Johnny

Baer, Max Jr.

Baffert, Al (Also a wrestler)

Bain, Abie or Abe

Barbi, Vince (Also an actor)

Barnum, Joey

Bean, Willie

Berman, Abe

Bolonos, Enrique

Brooks, Monroe

Bugner, Joe

Calhoun, Rory

Callahan, Mush

Carelli, Umberto “Babe”

Cesario, Johnny

Cobb, Randall (Tex)

Columbo, Jimmie (Boxing Commissioner)

Couture, Al

Del Ripa, Louis

Donato, Vincent

Downey,Arthur “The Fighting Bellhop”

Dundee, Angelo

Dundee, Chris

Eades, George “Dud”

Fernandez, Abel

Finn, Mickey

Fraser, Don

Froio, James

Fullmer, Don

Garcia, Rudy

Gennaro, Joseph “Blackie”

Godfrey, Hy

Gonzalez, Paul – 1984 Olympic Gold Light Flyweight Gold Medalist

Griffin, Babe

Hamilton, Larry “The Kid”

Heller, Peter

Hernandez, Genaro

Henry, Clarence

Holloway, Duke

Jordan, Tex

Kelly, Brian

LaChance, Lefty

Latka, George

Layne, Rex

Lennon, Jimmy

Lennon Jr., Jimmy

Luckman, George (Board Member)

Luftspring, Sammy

Lunny, Ray


Masters, Monte


Mastro, Earl

Martin, Everett (Big Foot) (Came to a banquet in 1987)

Mauriello, Joe

Mercante, Arthur

Mock, Spider

Monaghan, Monty

Muniz, Armando

Nova, Lou

O'Halloran, Jack

Olson, Bobo

Padilla, Zack

Perez, Adolfo

Quarry, Jerry

Quarry, Mike

Redman, Izzy

Rome, Tony

Sauer, Sailor Don

Schwartz, Dr. Bernard

Shields, Randy

Spina, Charlie

Spoldi, Aldo

Stein, Yung Sammy

Steindler, Howie

Stromquist, Gil

Sublett, Hugh

Sugar, Bert

Tuzzolino, Charlie or Chuck (Board Member)

Vejar, Chico

Warren, Harry

Weill, Marty

Welch, Suey

Wepner, Chuck

Wilkinson, King (Pro boxer 1956-61)

Zanelli, Ralph

World Champion Boxers who were members of the CAC: https://www.caulifloweralleyclub.org/news/2021/04/29/pugilistic-members-aplenty