Mike Pappas - The Flying Greek Documentary Debuts on the Big Screen

Mike Pappas - The Flying Greek Documentary Debuts on the Big Screen

A film has been made on one of pro-wrestling's good guys. The high flying former greek grappler and now esteemed jeweler in Springfield, MO., Manoli Savvenas a.k.a. Mike Pappas, is expected to be on hand when his life story makes its' big screen debut at the historic Fox Theatre in his hometown of Springfield on Friday Dec. 10.

Narrating the film is none other than WWE Hall of Famer and CAC Iron Mike Mazurki honoree, Madusa.

"I'm very excited to be involved in such an amazing project," Madusa wrote on Facebook. "What a great story. Great family!"

Tickets for The Flying Greek Premiere are now on sale on https://manolisjewelers.com and at, Mr. Pappas' Manoli's Jewelers, in Springfield.

Ten percent of ticket sales will be donated to Fight Colo-rectal Cancer as Manoli Savvenas is currently fighting colon cancer. The filmmakers ask that masks be worn at the premiere to protect Manoli as his immune system will be compromised due to his chemotherapy.

The CAC congratulates Mike Pappas on the release of his story to the big screen and wishes him the best of luck regarding his current health battle.

If you are anywhere near Springfield this Dec. 10 make sure that you take in this film and also stop by Manoli's Jewelers, as I am sure that Mike would enjoy saying hello to you.