As the sun sets on the 55th, who's ready for the 56th?

As the sun sets on the 55th, who's ready for the 56th?

Wasn't that a party?

The 55th Cauliflower Alley Club reunion is now in the history books and the CAC sincerely hopes that all of our attendees had a wonderful and rewarding time. As you know, your ticket purchases at our annual reunion help our brothers and sisters in need, with every penny going into the CAC's benevolent fund.

As we say goodbye to the 55th, we would like to thank and congratulate our honorees, their presenters, our Learning Series panelists, our all volunteer CAC staff, the staff of the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino and, especially, our members. Without our members, there is no Cauliflower Alley Club and we sincerely appreciate your membership and passion for our club.

As our Vegas attendees depart the reunion we would like to wish all a happy, healthy and safe trip home.

As you are returning home, work on our 56th reunion is ongoing. We hope to have an update for our members on the dates and location of the 56th, imminently. Please stay tuned to the website for that.

On behalf of President B. Brian Blair and the executive board at the CAC, thank you once again for believing in and helping our mission - to help our brothers and sisters in need. We hope to see you and the many members that we missed this year at our 56th!

*Thanks to Red Bastien Friendship Award Honoree Herb Simmons for the picture.