Feed your mind and your body at today's reunion events

Feed your mind and your body at today's reunion events

As we slowly creep toward the halfway point at this year's CAC reunion the CAC will kick it into high gear today as the first two of our 4 Learning Sessions as well as the, much anticipated, Bockwinkle Blowout take place today and tonight at the Gold Coast.

First up, reunion attendees will want to secure their seats for "The Promoters", the first of our Learning Series events which will take place in Salon D at 11 AM. Full details on this event can be found here on our website, under our reunion "Learning Series" dropdown tab.

At 1 PM, submission master Jake Shannon takes over Salon D with a CAC first, a Catch as Catch Can Wrestling seminar that reunion attendees definitely won't want to miss! Full details on this one can also be found under our "Learning Series" dropdown.

After you've feed your mind don't forget that tonight is the first of our two night dinner and awards ceremonies.

Take your seats for cocktails at 5 PM in the Arizona Ballroom for the 6 PM start of our 2021 Bockwinkle Blowout and first night award presentations. For health and safety reasons the dinner portion of the Bockwinkle Blowout will be different than what you are used to this year as, instead of the traditional "bologna blowout" this year's Bockwinkle Blowout will be a seated meal, just like our regular Wed. evening meal and awards night.

Don't forget that the Nostalgia Room is open from 10 AM to 4 PM where late comers can still pick up their name badges and lanyards and, of course, visit our CAC vendors and wrestlers who pop in and out of the room all day long.

We hope that you aren't exhausted yet our friends as the sun rises on another beautiful Las Vegas day the CAC promises you that the very best is yet to come. Enjoy!!