And We're Under Way!

And We're Under Way!

With people flying in from all over the continent and arriving at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino hourly the 55th CAC reunion is, unofficially, underway!

Officially, the event begins tomorrow but the peripheral events have already started for our Las Vegas faithful.

The Pro-Wrestling Unplugged wrestling show (the first of two nights back to back) kicked off in the Gold Coast Ballroom tonight and will continue with it's mayhem Monday night at 6 PM.

Registration, begins tomorrow morning at 10 AM and continues until 4 PM in the Nostalgia Room where you could, possibly, rub elbows with some of our honorees and other wrestling greats. Ticket sales for our beautiful 55th reunion belt raffle will also begin, in the Nostalgia Room, on Monday morning.

We wish all of our attendees the time of their lives at this year's reunion and a lifetime full of cherished memories!