"The Promoters" gather Sept. 14 at the CAC Learning Series.

"The Promoters" gather Sept. 14 at the CAC Learning Series.

What can you expect when you gather four of the nation's top independent wrestling promoters together, on one panel, to kick off the 2021 Cauliflower Alley Club Learning Series events next week in Las Vegas?

Well, a wealth of knowledge, fantastic promotional tips and an abundance of stories detailing both the pitfalls and successes of their respective promoting careers just might just be the very tip of the iceberg!

The CAC is delighted to announce that our kick-off Learning Series event, simply titled, "The Promoters" will take place on Tues. Sept. 14 at 11 AM in Salon D at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino.

Veteran promoters Sheldon Goldberg, Herb Simmons, Joel Goodhart and Carmine DeSpirito will gather together for what should be a very enlightening seminar for those interested in the promotional end of the game and/or for wrestlers to take a look into the mindset of four very successful, pioneering independent wrestling promoters.

Just look at the credentials of these four!

-Sheldon Goldberg: Promoter/owner of New England Championship Wrestling and World Women's Wrestling. In 2004, NECW became the first promotion to produce a weekly wrestling TV show specifically produced for distribution on it's website. You can read more about the incredible history of this promotion, to date, on it's Wikipedia page on the internet.

-Herb Simmons: This year's Red Bastien Friendship Award honoree is also the man behind Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling (SICW). Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling was formed in 1975 and, under the direction of Herb Simmons since the begining, still continues until this day, more than 45 years later! This organization was formed due to Herb's interest in Wrestling and the fact he was a die hard fan. SICW has held events throughout Southern Illinois and Missouri. The theme for Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling was to continue the traditions of Wrestling at the Chase.

-Joel Goodhart: The man who many credit the formation of cult like wrestling promotion Extreme Championship Wrestling to, the CAC is thrilled to welcome former Tri-State Wrestling Alliance (TWA) promoter Joel Goodhart to our group of panelists for this seminar. On the legacy of the TWA Joel stated on the In The Room podcast in 2015, "We wanted to bring in some of the best talent from across the country, develop some young talent at the local level ... There are all stories about why I had these super cards ... The reality was we created something that really ran about 2-1/2 years. To this day ... 23 years later, we're still talking about some of the matches that we had. We created something that ultimately became the ECW, that ultimately became the Attitude Era. All I simply did was take the best of what was out there. I took Memphis Wrestling, I took World Class Wrestling, I took Pacific Northwest, I took the old Georgia wrestling, the old Florida wrestling, and brought to the Philadelphia area the best of the best ... One of the sayings that we had as an organization was that everyone who came to our show, at some point during the card, got a front-row seat. I think that's kind of where the business evolved. Where the ring was no longer holding people and the action was outside the ring versus inside the ring."

-Carmine DeSpirito: Promoted Mid-American Wrestling in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1993-2007. Many Midwest stars got their start there in their early career, including Adam Pearce, CM Punk, Colt Cabana, Shawn Daivari, Seth Rollins and Ken Anderson. He was also the former Editor In Chief of Wrestling Eye Magazine from 1986-93. Currently, he dabbles in Lucha Libre shows. Also, since 2020, Carmine hosts a podcast - "Contrary To Popular Wrestling".

The CAC welcomes these promoters and all of our 55th reunion attendees and invites you to visit Salon D for this and all of this years' fantastic Learning Series lineup.

Please remember, that your 55th reunion lanyard (which you will receive when you check-in at our registration booth) must be visible at all times when attending all Learning Series and awards dinner events.

*Thanks to CAC Lifetime member Luis Martins for this and all of our other Learning Series graphics.