Rich Ingling Named New EVP & Treasurer, Karl Lauer is Back!

Rich Ingling Named New EVP & Treasurer,  Karl Lauer is Back!

The Cauliflower Alley Club is pleased to announce that Mr. Rich Ingling has been unanimously approved by the Executive Board of Directors to begin serving as the club's Executive Vice President and Treasurer, effective immediately.

Rich has a diverse background and his accolades include an over four-decade involvement in the security industry as a detective, private detective and security and risk management specialist at Walt Disney World properties and the Las Vegas Fremont Street Experience. Rich, also worked as a professional wrestler and referee, being trained by "Pretty Boy" Larry Sharpe at the Monster Factory in New Jersey. His favorite moment as a professional wrestling referee occurred when he officiated an "all over the stadium" blood fest between Bruiser Brody and Abdullah the Butcher for Carlo's Colon's promotion in Puerto Rico.

The CAC Board of Directors is also pleased to announce the re-appointment of Mr. Karl Lauer to the Executive Board.

Karl, really shouldn't need an introduction to CAC members as he has been known by many as "Mr. CAC" for his 35-year tenure as the club's Executive Vice President (1979 - April 2014) and, to many, he was and has always been "the face" of the organization. Despite retiring from the club Karl was always available to lend a hand or to give advice to its leadership.

"It's really a 'no-brainer' and we are very blessed to have Karl back with us serving on the board again. His years of experience and wisdom in all things CAC related is something that the board could and should continue to learn from. There really is never any substitute for knowledge and wisdom and thankfully, Karl is feeling fit as a fiddle again, Even in 'retirement' his heart was always with the CAC. As a board, I think that we will be able to benefit tremendously from Karl's guidance and navigate the club into the future because Karl will educate us all in the lessons that he has learned and the obstacles and challenges that he had encountered during his decades long service to the CAC. There is no substitute for experience and Karl, once again, brings that to the board in spades," said CAC Canadian Director Ron Hutchison.

Mr. Lauer will re-join the executive board in the position of Senior Advisor and Communicator.

CAC Executive Board member Royal Duncan, publisher of our EAR newsletter adds to his duties by adding the Secretary position whereas Ron Hutchison remains on the Executive Board as Canadian Director, Reunion Seminar and Website Administrator. B. Brian Blair remains the President and Chief Executive Officer.

The executive board is also pleased to announce that Darla Staggs, our Benevolent Coordinator will add to her advisory board duties as Advisory Board Chair.

While acknowledging our recent realignments, the board of directors would also like to take this time to thank former board members Darlene Kreis (Treasurer) and Shawn Colonna (member relations - Advisory Board) for their previous service to the club. Board service is one of the toughest volunteer roles of all, and you both performed with dedication and tenacity. The Cauliflower Alley Club thanks you.

On behalf of President/ CEO B. Brian Blair and the members of the Executive Board we wish all our members the very best of health, happiness and success. We do hope to see you in Las Vegas for the 55th CAC Reunion in 5 weeks' time, Sept. 13-15 at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino.

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