John Skyler: Tales of an Up-and-Coming Wrestling Hopeful

John Skyler: Tales of an Up-and-Coming Wrestling Hopeful

From the Indy's to the Big Time: "The Southern Saviour" John Skyler, Tales of an Up-and-Coming Wrestling Hopeful!

You've been working the Indy scene and giving it everything you've had, for years. You think that you are ready to break into the major leagues of wrestling. As a matter of fact, in your mind, you know you are.

Meet John Skyler, a CAC member and US based professional wrestler that has been plying his trade on the Indy scene for 13 years now. He's wrestled in the United States and the United Kingdom with try-out matches and looks by officials from World Wrestling Entertainment, Total Non-Stop Action and, lately, has been burning up the scene of All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

John loves the sport and the thrill of professional wrestling but, like most young mat men and women, is looking for what he sees as his "golden ticket" to stardom - a contract from one of wrestling's full-time companies.

This year, as part of the Sept. CAC 2021 Learning Series, John Skyler will join us in Salon D on Wed. Sept. 15 at 11 AM to tell you about his journey so far.

He'll tell you how to act appropriately back stage. He'll tell you what he believes and what he has been told that the full-time wrestling companies are looking for in their in-ring talent. He'll tell you how he "got his foot in the door" so that full time wrestling companies would, at the very least, have a look at him and have him on their radar going forward. In short, he'll tell you how you might be able to go about fulfilling your wrestling dreams!

Facilitating John's Learning Series event will be the Cauliflower Alley Club's resident superman, Jim Valley. Anyone who follows professional wrestling knows of Jim's recent health struggles and his, some would say, miraculous recovery. Please join John and welcome back Jim on Wed. morning when John and Jim team up to graciously share their knowledge so that all young wrestlers many benefit.

Don't ya dare miss John's tales of an up-and-coming wrestling hopeful!

Date and Time: Wed. Sept. 15, 2021 @ 11AM Place: Salon D