Members Can Pay Without Setting Up a PayPal Account

Members Can Pay Without Setting Up a PayPal Account

Did you know?

CAC members can still use a credit card to pay for their membership renewals and banquet ticket purchases. They just can't phone in the information any longer.

It's easy, streamlines thing for us and you don't need to set-up a PayPal account to do it!

How, you ask?

Simple. Click on the item you would like to purchase. For example, let's say reunion tickets. You will see an option, under the PayPal heading, that requires you to add your phone number, email address and the name(s) you would like printed on your name badges. Add the information and don't panic!

After you have added the required information click on the button that says "Add to Cart". You will be then directed to our check out page. Don't panic!

When you are on this page you will see TWO PAYMENT OPTIONS:

  1. PayPal Checkout (use this option if you have a PayPal account)

  2. Checkout (Use this option if you do not have and/or don't want a PayPal account.)


Two options. One for members with a PayPal account and one with members who would just like to pay their dues and/or purchase a reunion ticket using their credit or Visa debit card.

It's safe. It's secure and your emailed receipt (which you will receive from PayPal after you have checked out) is your proof of payment. Please bring that receipt to the reunion as your proof of payment for your banquet ticket.

The only difference now is that credit cards are not being accepted over the phone (as they were in the past) and checks are no longer being accepted for membership and banquet purchases.

Thank you for your understanding as we streamline the club to go, proudly into the future.