Deepak Massand Passes

Deepak Massand Passes

CAC attendee Abdullah the Butcher wrote online that he'd lost another manager but one who felt like family to him.

Abby was at our third New York/New Jersey ancillary CAC awards banquet in 1998 where we honored Vince McMahon Sr. Abby wanted everyone to know that he was "very sad to have just lost one of my favorites of my many managers in very proud Pakistani-Canadian, Deepak Massand."

Abby for years had talked about Deepak as "my favorite right behind Eddie Creatchman and booking mind Gary Hart but that Deepak was different in that we stayed friends for years, talking regularly by phone. Some of the others, I never heard from again. Not Deepak"

CAC's Greg Oliver mentioned on his Slam Wrestling site that Pakistan-native Deepak self-published his own autobiography in 2007(actually called Deepak Massand: An Autobiography From 2007)and called him "the greatest self-promoter" he ever met. "In it, he included a calendar with his Christmas cards that had photos of him through his life, hobnobbing with celebrities, wrestlers, politicians(like name Canadian PM's and Parliament members). He had his own letterhead with his face on it, and called himself an 'actor, comedian and former professional wrestler.' He was also quick to hand out a business card. He loved Facebook and shared his photos there-even photos from his recent health battles."

Greg said he was surprised to get a call from Deepak last Christmas, even while hospitalized wanting to know how their mutual wrestling friends were doing and of course the latest wrestling gossip. Greg added "he'd attend wrestling events in Montreal, especially reunions and book launches, though his career in wrestling wasn't especially long and started out as a bit of a rib.

Besides managing Abby, Deepak attempted to manage or handle the infamous Great Antonio who was always a handful for the Vachons in Montreal's incredible Grand Prix territory. That's when they weren't playing "Mabel" and other ribs on him. Deepak told Greg "Great Antonio wouldn't listen to me anymore because he was mentally sick, so I had to give up on him. I spent a lot of money on him." Greg said Deepak always respectfully called him "Mr Greg" and added that besides everything else Deepak did, "there was his work as a palm reader, as an astrologist, acting...are you getting the picture? He was a character."

Greg also noted that "in November 1993, Deepak also ran in Canada's Federal Election, listing himself as Deepak 'The Sheik' Massand on the ballot in Verdun, Quebec. Massand got a decent amount of curiosity publicity when Abdullah came to town the week before the election and in a suit and tie campaigned for him, which got a big newspaper photo in the local paper. Dave Meltzer reported on Massand's poor showing, garnering 0.27% of the vote in his district, ninth out of ten candidates." Deepak's Sheik nickname came from Butcher Vachon tabbing him with that name and full gimmick for his Grand Prix promotion which was in that incredible 70's territory war in Montreal with the Rougeau's Les As du Lutte who fireball-throwing Sheik(Ed Farhut) routinely worked for. Paul of course had to answer to the province's Athletic Commission and said "they were going to discipline me and take my (promoting)license away." He showed them Tony Lanza's famous wrestling book with thousands of wrestler pictures. Paul said "I showed up with it and said 'look, what do you mean, The Sheik? What does The Sheik mean? If we had called him Eddie Farhat The Sheik, then they(the Rougeausa)could've complained. But there's Sheik Ali Bey, the Sheik this and that." The complaint was dropped.

On Montreal's CJAD Radio, Massand reportedly also claimed to have portrayed a Native-American character on a Japanese weekday kids tv show called Jeronimo. "I was really popular at Expo 1975 in Okinawa and then got a contact in night clubs and working for Baba's(wrestling)office. At the same time, Mr Don Leo Jonathan was also working for Baba's office. There, some prodeucer picked me up and said if I could act in his night club. I impressed him...and he hired me. Then I became an actor in children's programs and adult programs, which had been done previoiusly by Mr X, the Destroyer(CAC's beloved Dick Beyer)."

Deepak had said he was friends with many he used to idolize, from Tiger Jeet Singh to Tony Marino (in hospice near his Florida home and one of the oldest still-alive wrestling legends like Cowboy Bob Ellis), Gino Brito, the Leducs, the Martel family, Sky Low Low, Little Beaver, Lord Littlebrook and Frenchy Martin.

I'm writing Abdullah's own autobiography with him and he reported his former manager's passing: "My heart is heavy on the passing of a man that was a great and loyal friend. I spoke to him just a couple days ago and was shocked when I called him about twenty minutes ago and his sister told me he's gone from amongst us. My condolences to his brother and sister who took care of him for years. I'm really gonna miss him calling me many times and being able to just call and hear his voice. A great man that has done a lot for many people. He will be truly missed!!"