Reunion Banquet Ticket Sales To Resume!

Reunion Banquet Ticket Sales To Resume!

Banquet Ticket Sales will resume on June 1st! We anticipate a fast sell out of the remaining 230 banquet tickets.

  1. Please be sure your membership is current if you currently have a banquet ticket in the carried over status.

  2. You must have a membership prior to purchasing a banquet ticket, as priority will be given to those who have a valid membership first. No exceptions will be made!

  3. The passkey code for the discount rooms at the Gold Coast Hotel will also be available on June 1st.

    A. Please use the passkey link to make your reservation. Do not call the Gold Coast Hotel to make your reservation.

    B. The Gold Coast Hotel will put one night deposit on your credit card, but the amount will not be charged until 30 days prior to the reunion date!

  4. You will receive a PayPal confirmation at the time of purchase and an informative confirmation email from Darlene Kreis, typically, within 72 hours.

  5. Due to high volume and the processing of the banquet tickets all new annual and lifetime memberships could take up to six to nine weeks for processing. Membership renewals that are tied to a banquet ticket on the carried over status will have priority.

Please refrain from sending any questions via email pertaining to these areas, we only have two volunteers handling these tasks and we will not be able to answer questions. We apologize for any inconvenience.