Remembering Pistol Pete (Marquez)

Remembering Pistol Pete (Marquez)

Longtime devoted CAC-member/attendee, Pistol Pete Marquez, of La Puente, California who wrestled professionally for over 26 years passed recently while In-Hospice at only 65.

He was a booker, trainer, worker and more for promotions and schools like CCW, International Wrestling Fed and United Wrestling Council after he retired as a local SoCalif legend. He was also a TV and film stunt coordinator besides being longtime financial secretary for the International Machinists Union Local 177. He was a CAC Board Director when I came aboard in 1992 and also dedicated his time serving on boards for March Of Dimes, the L.A. chapter of MakeAWish, City Of Hope, Guiding Eyes of America and more.

Pete debuted on the syndicated(Spanish International Network/SIN) Hollywood Wrestling Office television(taped every Wednesday at the Olympic Auditorium in downtown L.A.)about the same time as when Bill Anderson and Jesse Hernandez did in 1978. And wrestling until our office closed in December of 1982 and reportedly purchased soon after by Vince McMahon Jr well before he went national in late 1983!

Although he could cut amazing heel promos, Pete had nonspeaking stunt and henchmen roles on major TV shows like Remington Steele, Murder She Wrote and several times appeared on local Southern California news programs helping promote local indie shows like on KNBC-4 and CW/KTLA-5. He really broke through in movies appearing in many popular ones like Weird Science(later also appearing as Sphinx in the tv version), Club Fed, Misfits of Science, How I Got Into College, Hard Time On Planet Earth, Don’t Call Me Frankie, Woman In Red and more. Plus 1985 guilty pleasure:Grunt! The Wrestling Movie along with name CACers like his tag partner Buddha Khan, John Tolos, Adrian Street, Steve Strong, Dick Murdoch!, Dan Spivey, Destroyer/Dr X Dick Beyer, Victor Rivera, Bill Anderson, Count Billy Varga, Ray “Thunder”Stern, Alex Knight, Sal Lothario(Jose’s brother), Steve DeSalvo, Toru Tanaka, Wildman Jack Armstrong and more. Pete also helped train our 80’s GLOW stars along with Mando Guerrero.

He helped train quite a few wrestlers at his own dojo as well as at the Piledriver School. He also appeared on mid-80’s WWF Superstars television ala his many other L.A.-based friends and fellow CAC brothers like Riki Ataki, Bobby Bradley Sr and Jr and of course Louie Spicolli. When Pete debuted, he had a solid mid-level push for months, even getting to start honing his later great mike skills with CACers Gene Lebell, Jeff Walton and Miguel Alonzo handling the "locker-room" interviews.

Pete thankfully also came with fellow Los Angeles office talent to the 2012 Los Angeles Wrestling Office reunion including Mando Lopez, the original Bengali, Billy Rogers, Ric Draisin, and others. He saw longtime friends of his who also wrestled for Mike Lebell(our big boss, head promoter) like Jesse Hernandez and Bill Anderson who drove Billy Graham to it all the way from Phoenix. When Pete took the mike, he tore down the house with his stories of Black Gordman and Great Goliath leaving “presents” for him in his gym bag his first week in our territory.

Pete had several strokes the last few years and one just last month along with a massive infection his immune system couldn’t submit. His family had hoped he’d get into boxing providing him with lessons and gym time. But all his fan years idolizing Fred Blassie made his decision to instead seek wrestling training. His first match at 18 was in 1974 after years of doing backyard wrestling in a ring he built. “Brudah Pete, we’re going to miss you big-time” as he’d say.