CAC's Jim Valley on the Mend

CAC's Jim Valley on the Mend

Our own Jim Valley was a welcome surprise guest recently on Wrestling Observer Radio and, an invited guest of All Elite Wrestling owner Tony Khan to AEW's "Blood and Guts" TNT Network televised show last night.

Founded by longtime CAC members Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez, WOR has a number of daily shows and podcasts. And until the return of Jim's autoimmune serious illness last year, he'd long been regularly hosting one of those shows besides his Pacific Rim Show covering Japan with Fumi Saito(my longtime boss at Baseball/Shukan Pro Magazine) as well as co-hosting CAC Radio show.

Jim's voice which was hard hit last year, is getting and sounding stronger each day. He said he's already started back doing Pacific Rim and when he feels he's vocally "there"(it just sounds slightly hoarse now)he'll resume his other shows which is great news. Jim feels good enough health wise and is getting stronger every day.

Bryan gently teased his long-time friend Jim that since Jim dropped weight during his long hospitalization down to about 145 pounds, that Jim is now at Bryan's in-ring-wrestling weight!

We're all thrilled Jim is starting to feel and sound like himself. He's MC'ed several seminars for us over the years, in Las Vegas at the Gold Coast and we can't wait for him to team up with Matthew Roblez again to resume our dearly missed CAC Radio podcasts when he gets stronger.

Combate Kurosai Jim!