Lanny Poffo Moves to South America for Surf, Sun and Retirement

Lanny Poffo Moves to South America for Surf, Sun and Retirement

CACer Lanny Poffo recently moved all the way to South America for the pristine year-round temperature, surf, sand and fun to the country of Uruguay.

Minimal worrying about Covid as they've had a very low incidence rate since the pandemic began last year and the population is spread all over with much of the picturesque country unspoiled by over-development.

Lanny's still high-tech wired and communicates with everyone just as he's always done and says he's "never been more relaxed than when I made the decision to move here. You really get a lot of land and more for your retirement dollars and the people are just so friendly. I've even learned decent Spanish all over again," he said when I had him back on the radio show.

"Anything I need or want, I can still get it down here. It might take a little bit of time depending on the item, but we're on a different, easier mindset. I'm really at peace." It's similar to Kevin Von Erich, several time CAC attendee who also made a similar move but to Hawaii's Big Island where he lives with his wrestling sons(who regularly grace MLW wrestling cards) just like Johnny "Mr Wrestling 2" Walker had done before him.

Combate Kurosai Lanny!