Get Well Wishes being sent to CAC Lifetime Member/ Master Magician Geoffrey Hansen

Get Well Wishes being sent to CAC Lifetime Member/ Master Magician Geoffrey Hansen

The Cauliflower Alley Club has recently been informed that CAC lifetime member and master magician Geoffrey Hansen has suffered a stroke. The club sends its' well wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery. Get well soon Geoffrey!

Here's a profile of Geoffrey, taken from his website at

When stories are told of colorful personalities as fascinating characters within the entertainment industry, surely one that comes to mind among knowledgeable people is master magician Geoffrey Hansen. His adventurous career for over decades is unparalleled. As a child he was the victim of Tuberculosis and Rheumatic Fever that lasted nearly three years. At that time Geoffrey was in-and-out of hospitals. He was educated by private tutors, and became very interested in the Art of Magic. Doctors had warned that he would not be able to lead a normal life, yet even as a youngster Geoffrey Hansen was determined to succeed at anything he attempted. With constant exercise it took many years, but he overcame the effects of his illness.

While still a child, he became a young actor in television commercials. He also started performing magic shows before audiences. By the time Geoffrey was a teenager he was performing on popular nation television shows coast-to-coast in the U.S.A.; form Hollywood to New York City. A novelist could enjoy a field day writing a fictionalized story around such a personality!

By the age of 17 he was earning thousands of dollars per week for his shows. A master of sleight-of-hand manipulation, Geoffrey would practice an average of five hours per day, 365 days per year! He has continued to do this right up to today. His magic was a hit, but his escapes from handcuffs, ropes, chains, straight jackets, etc., really began to thrill his audiences. He became the first person in history to be called "The World's Greatest Escape Artist." It is very interesting to note, Geoffrey always has considered himself a magician first, and everything else as a secondary phase of his career.

Magicians throughout history have always been great travelers, mainly because the Art of Magic transcends all boundaries of culture. Such shows would tour the long and time consuming trips on ocean going ships. Geoffrey Hansen was perhaps the first to really become classified as a jet setter. While he was still in his early twenties he had become a star attraction in over 40 countries, performing in nightclubs, theaters, television programs and deluxe hotels. This is a record not equaled by any entertainer in history.

He portrayed MANDRAKE in the motion picture and television program, filmed in Tahiti and based upon the fictional character. Geoffrey stared is such films as THE DRAGON'S EYE, MIDNIGHT IN TRANSYLVANIA, FIGHTING DRAGON, and FUNNY KUNG-FU which were all filmed in Hong Kong between 1977 and 1979.

As a magician, Geoffrey Hansen has a style all his own. He is not quite like any magician seen in the past or present. His movements, his manners, his stance, voice and unique personality are all his own. This is the key to the success of his career. During his performance he is friendly, yet mysterious. He is majestic, yet humble. He has a fine sense of humor, yet remains dignified. There are many contrasts, that even a critic once stated, "Geoffrey Hansen is the most fascinating personality I have ever seen."

No matter what country he visits, Japan, Canada, Korea, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Bora Bora or wherever; people are spellbound by his special brand of magical entertainment. Geoffrey Hansen's show is full of surprises!

His travels throughout the world have not been easy. Even a bed of roses is crossed by the occasional thorn. He has been in hotels that caught fire; been in the middle of a political revolution; has survived blizzards, storms, typhoons, and on one occasion was flying from one island to another in the Caribbean when it caught fire in 1976. On another occasion he was on a plane flying in the pacific when it was blown off-course by high winds in a storm. Despite catastrophes, Geoffrey Hansen continues to travel and thrill his audiences.

His long list of career accomplishments are staggering, with sold out performances in capital cities throughout the world. Geoffrey has rendered command performances before royalty, heads of state, and hundreds of celebrities. He has received numerous citations form fraternal groups, religious organizations, academic institutions and political leaders for his charitable work for the poor and handicapped.

Today Geoffrey Hansen has become classified in history of the Art of Magic with the all-time-greats: Thurston, Dante, Cardini, Tenko, Sorcar, and Houdini.

Despite his achievements, nothing should overshadow that it is his live show and personal appearances that mark him a master in his art. Nothing should remove that fact no matter what he has accomplished in the past.

In his audience, no matter where he travels, there are men, women, children, old men and women, the poor, the rich, the beautiful, the not-so-beautiful, the white-collar workers, the blue-collar workers, the Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Protestants, Buddhists, Atheists and all the others that transform a performance by Geoffrey Hansen into real magic.