CAC President, Governor of Nevada Optimistic For September Reunion!

CAC President, Governor of Nevada Optimistic For September Reunion!

Both the President of our club and the Governor of Nevada gave an update on the Covid-19 situation as it pertains to the state of Nevada yesterday and all indications are looking good for our 55th gathering in the desert, Sept. 13-15, 2021at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The Governor's positive news is linked at the bottom of this report.

Here though, in letter form, is the uplifting news from CAC President B. Brian Blair:

Dear Colleagues,

I hope this note finds everyone healthy, happy and productive.

After speaking with the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, the following information is where we are at, as far as the C-19 protocol goes. The State of Nevada recently upped the amount of occupancy to 50% or 250 people, whichever is greatest. Beginning May 1st, all occupancy levels will be determined by the County Commission in whatever county an event or gathering is held in the state of Nevada. Marilyn Kirkpatrick is the Chair person of the county commission and the group as a whole is considered to be very business friendly, which means that occupancy levels should go up soon after May 1st... we will see. Personally I am very optimistic about the Gold Coast and Clark county moving to a 100% occupancy based on the vaccination rate and the daily lowering of cases in the county... this was confirmed in my conversation with the Gold Coast representative.

We are currently sitting with about 400 tickets sold, so we will only have 100 Tickets or so to sell based on our standard 500 – 525 person sell out.

Just wanted to bring everyone up to speed as far as the reunion and for those that are doing the website, social media and speaking to members, so we can both bring everyone up up speed, as well as possessing this knowledge in case you are asked.

I’m starting to get excited about the reunion and will continue to keep everyone abreast as to what the Vegas situation is but baring any unforeseen circumstances, we are absolutely on for September.

Kindest regards,


*In addition to Brian's information, above, it is important to note that:

1)The next anticipated update by our club will be at the end of May. At that time we should have the reunion ticket availability (based on Gold Coast occupancy) and resumption of sale date.

2)The discount Gold Coast Hotel passkey code will also be available at the end of May.