WWE Hall of Famers Have CAC History

WWE Hall of Famers Have CAC History

Just announced WWE Hall of Fame (HOF) 2021 inductees Molly Holly(Nora Greenwald) and Eric Bischoff have both attended CAC in the past and Molly was first honored on-stage with our top CAC Women's Award years ago at our Gold Coast Hotel event for her years of excellence in wrestling and contributions to the industry.

Since her retirement from in-ring action, she has on occasion returned like her longtime friend and CAC Honoree Beth Phoenix to WWE special shows like the Royal Rumble. During her CAC induction, several noted her ongoing kindness to others in wrestling and her nonstop, selfless charitable work. When Beth spoke at her own WWE HOF induction during Wrestlemania Week, she said Molly/Nora encouraged her to not just follow her lifelong dream of becoming a wrestler, but also helped her out with wrestling tuition fees. Beth said that she wouldn't have achieved all that she did later without Molly's early help and they've remained close friends too.

Eric Bischoff, that year kicking WCW into gear as boss in 1996, was already in Los Angeles at a daytime Antonio Inoki(two times CAC Honoree over the decades) World Wrestling Peace Festival press conference. He then attended our CAC that evening(our annual awards night was still in Southern California at the Sportsman's Lodge) where Inoki and fellow NJPW legends and behind-the-scenes aide Seiji Sakaguchi were honored along with Japanese female legends Chigusa Nagoya and Devil Masami with a throng of press in attendance. Bischoff was joined the Mexico's AAA promoter/creator in the late Antonio Pena and Bischoff talked about first meeting Ted DiBiase there(who came with his famous All Japan tag partner Stan Hansen for their very first CAC's)who he'd later bring in along with many top WWF talent later on in the 'Monday Night Wars.' When WWE bought WCW, Bischoff shocked the biz when he was hired as an on-air heel tv character for several stints. All the WCW talent WWE had previously hired(like Booker T and wife Sharmell who attends CAC with Book)were intentionally not told he was joining the company as on-camera GM. When Booker was giving a live promo, and Bischoff eventually walked by him saying "Hi!;" WWE's cameras were trained on Booker's legit jaw-dropping, genuine surprise(along with the other talent) which rarely happens.

A bit like the major global award shows that occur prior to the Academy Awards that act as a barometer towards predicting future Academy Award honorees; CAC is often recognized as the best predicting-indicator for later WWE Hall of Famers as with Molly, Beth, Edge, Booker T plus his Harlem Heat tag team with brother Stevie Ray, Mark Henry and more.

Congrats to both Nora, Eric and all of the WWE Hall of Fame Honorees!