Super Heel Tiger Not Such a Bad Guy After All

Super Heel Tiger Not Such a Bad Guy After All

Professional wrestler Tiger Jeet Singh has been honored for his work in supporting Japanese children in areas devastated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Singh, originally from India, was hugely popular in Japan for playing the role of a villain in the ring. His face-offs with arch-rival Antonio Inoki, a legendary Japanese wrestler, are still remembered by many wrestling fans.

Singh now lives in Canada and is involved in charity work through the Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation.

Immediately after the disaster hit the Tohoku region 10 years ago, the foundation donated around 20,000 Canadian dollars, or approximately 16,000 US dollars.

Japan's Consul-General in Toronto, Sasayama Takuya, awarded Singh with a certificate in an online ceremony on Thursday.

Sasayama thanked Singh, saying the Japanese people will never forget his support for children in the affected areas.

Singh said, "When we heard about the tsunami, it broke our hearts." He said having spent 49 years in Japan, he thought he had to do something for Japanese children. He expressed hope that he will visit Japan in the near future.

His foundation plans to donate an additional 20,000 Canadian dollars to help children in the disaster-hit areas.

Thanks to NHK World Japan for the original article, dated Feb. 26,2021, which is re-printed in it's entirety here.