Ata Maivia Johnson, Always A Show-Stealing Superstar

Ata  Maivia Johnson, Always A Show-Stealing Superstar

Cauliflower Alley Club beloved regular attendee and life member, Ata MaiviaJohnson was back on major U.S. TV network NBC's The Tonight Show last night. Her second appearance was unexpected, as her son(and CAC life member)Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was on to promote his new every-Tuesday night TV show ("Young Rock") that debuts next week. Young Rock's world premiere will also air in other countries.

Tonight Show current host Jimmy Fallon is an admitted mark for both his friend Dwayne, but also revealed "I'm an even bigger fan of your mom" to The Rock. Rock asked his wife to go get his mom and to bring her ukulele.

The always upbeat Ata then entered the screen with her son on the apparent ZOOM tv chat and they discussed Ata's masterful ukulele-playing which instantly cheers everyone up around them. They also discussed going to pay respects at "Grandma and Grampa's gravesides in Hawaii" which of course would be total wrestling legends Lia and husband High-Chief Peter Maivia. Great to see Lia and Peter fondly remembered as we also miss them.

Ata began playing and singing and Rock joined in. I think her song is called "Take It Easy, Go For A Walk" and believe it's her own creation. Fallen and the audience made up of Tonight staffers applauded mightily. Then Ata added "I've got one more song!" and she started with Dwayne again coming aboard singing "We Love You Jimmy, Oh Yes We Do." Rock kidded her for being a "show-stealer again!" Jimmy Fallen said "Ata, you're a superstar. You did hijack the interview!" He and her son were only kidding. Also great seeing the total affection, dedication and bond mother and son have together. We need more of that in wrestling and life overall. Ata played and sang as they went to commercial break to end the two-part segment. The Tonight Show on NBC remains one of TV's top-rated and influential shows globally, dating back to it's Jack Paar and Johnny Carson historic original days that included the meta-appearance of Andre the Giant the first time he was on Carson's Tonight Show(albeit with a guest host that night in Joey Bishop). Tonight show's very first host was former wrestling TV announcer and TV legend, Steve Allen back in the 1950's!

Rock and mom also discussed Dwayne's success with his new Tequila line "that's the biggest launch in the history of spirits and that includes vodka, scotch and the rest. We sold over 300,000 liter units in comparison to George Clooney's 100,000 for his line over the same year time period."

We'll ask Ata at our next CAC/Vegas reunion to please play her uke and to sing as well. She excels at both, just as she and her son do everything wonderfully. Congrats and Mahalo, Ata and Rock Dwayne!