Mr. Socko Wants You To Cover Your Mouth!

Mr. Socko Wants You To Cover Your Mouth!

Cauliflower Alley Club lifetime member, Art Abram's Lifetime Achievement Award winner and recent Covid-19 sufferer, Mick Foley has come up with a wonderful idea to, hopefully, keep us all healthy while raising money for the CAC benevolent fund at the same time.

Though it has often been said that there are “three faces of Foley,” hardcore legend Mick Foley has added a fourth face – a new mask to promote safety and support wrestling stars that might need a little extra help.

The mask, made in collaboration with wrestling humor outlet Kayfabe News, includes two washable filters and the likeness of Mr. Socko, the charismatic sweatsock that lives in his sweatpants until being deployed with the dreaded Mandible Claw.

Foley has collaborated with Kayfabe News in the past, including for a video in which he (jokingly) “admitted” that his infamous fall from Hell in a Cell was “totally fake”:

The "Mr. Socko" masks are available for purchase on the Pro Wrestling Tees with all proceeds going to the CAC. This link will take you directly to the masks:

While on the website take a look at the CAC's line of vintage t-shirts as well by entering "Cauliflower Alley Club" into the online search bar. A vintage CAC t-shirt coupled with a Mick Foley "Socko Mask" will make you the envy of all those who see you wearing them!

Thank you to Mick Foley, Pro-Wrestling Tees and all of our members and friends for their continued support of the greatest wrestling fraternity on earth, The Cauliflower Alley Club! You are all very much appreciated during these very trying times.

*Please note that the masks are non-medical and are not intended for use by health care professionals. There has been no proven studies that this mask is effective for protection against Covid-19.