CAC Newsletter Editor Mentioned on Brodie Lee Tribute Show

CAC Newsletter Editor Mentioned on Brodie Lee Tribute Show

CAC's own Ear newsletter editor Vance Nevada got a fun shout-out from "Le Champion" Chris Jericho on AEW's Dynamite show tribute to the late Jon "Mr Brodie Lee, Luke Harper" Huber, who shockingly passed away on December 26th. Jon was only 41, a former WWE Tag and I.C. champ, TNT champion, NXT and indie star) beloved in all locker rooms as one of the greatest wrestling modern-times fathers, devoted to his sons.

Jericho was masterfully helping CAC member Jim Ross and the rest of AEW's broadcast crew on commentary when he began putting over one of Brodie Lee's "scouted disciples" in his Dark Order heel faction, a masked wrestler named "10" in the main event of the full tribute show to Jon 12/30/20. Chris verbally fumbled around to give out "10's" real name of Preston Vance outside of the company which has never been done before for him, initially spitting out "Vance Nevada, Vance something." Guessing Chris intentionally for the sake of fun, may have name-dropped his fellow Canadian mate in our Vance Nevada. Vance has wrestled besides being a real historian of Canadian and beyond pro wrestling and fighting sports. That "other" Vance, Preston actually wrestled on a CAC show several years ago when he was still wrestling on California Pro Wrestling Bushido and APW cards regularly, driving out with other top young talent who love the history of the biz. He's also used the work names of Cody Vance and Vanilla Vance.

It was one of the lighter moments on one of the most well-received wrestler tribute shows with the entire two hour show originally booked entirely differently before his passing. Then completely scrapped and quickly booked by Huber's eldest son, 8-year-old Brodie Jr who wanted a series of tag bouts with members of his father's Dark Order group plus the main event babyfaces his favorite stars(Cody Rhodes, Orange Cassidy and 10). We've not seen that genuine emotion and outpouring of love since WWE's Owen Hart and Eddy Guerrero tribute shows after they passed.

Brodie Jr was actually signed to AEW before Jon died of a non-Covid lung ailment, should he ever want to follow his dad's large footsteps.

The athletes who gave speeches on the tribute show continually cited that even though Jon Huber appeared to be a scary ring monster, he was one of the most loving, caring people in all of wrestling. Who never forget his indie roots and whose wife and sons were the center of his universe. He always wanted to race home to his family the second any show was over. Even Jon's longtime WWE and NXT championship tag partner, Erick Rowan was part of the tribute. Wrestling is such a close community, events like this help ease the pain. And Chris Jericho added some CAC-related levity when it was needed.

Going to get to work again nagging Jericho to join CAC and hopefully attend a reunion. He's also one of the best father/dads in the industry.