Spend Christmas Eve with Trish Stratus

Spend Christmas Eve with Trish Stratus

Want so spend Christmas Eve with Trish Stratus?

Canadian and American fans will be able to do just that this Christmas as the first woman ever to win the CAC's Iron Mike Mazurki award returns to the silver screen.

American fans don't really have to wait until Christmas Eve as Trish's movie premiered on the US streaming service Fox Nation on US Thanksgiving day. In America, the movie is still streaming on that platform. Canadian fans however will get their first glimpse of this Canadian wrestling icons' heartwarming Christmas film, Christmas in the Rockies, at 7 PM EST on the CityTV group of Canadian owned television stations.

The feel-good holiday movie follows Katie Jolly (Kimberly-Sue Murray), who is ready to embark on a new career path in New York City. But after her father is hurt in a timber accident, Katie Jolly decides to take part in the annual lumberjack competition to save her family’s business. Champion Marie Brown (Trish Stratus) returns to the Rocky Mountains to help Katie hone her skills; meanwhile, romance sparks just in time for Christmas.

"If you say you don't like Christmas movies, you are lying! Who doesn't love them? I was so stoked to be offered this role. And I'm not sure who was more excited – me or my mom – it's our tradition to kick off the season by kicking back and watching holiday movies. Can't wait to watch with my family," Trish said in a statement to Entertainment Tonight Canada.

Let's hope Christmas In the Rockies becomes a Christmas Eve tradition where both Americans and Canadians alike can gather in front of their televisions and/or streaming devices and watch it right after, or right before, enduring Christmas classics like The Miracle on 34th Street, The Grinch and others.

“Being amongst one of the first productions that began filming after the initial lockdown lifted certainly made for a unique experience. Working with government mandated protocols in place proved to create a safe environment – plus stepping out of a 4-month lockdown with just my kids – not gonna lie – was a good time for mama,” Stratus told fans on her website, trishstratus.com.

Congratulations to Trish for, once again, bringing smiles to faces and warmth to hearts, especially during this, which is bound to be, one of our most challenging holiday seasons.