Voting For "Afterglow: The Eighties Musical Experience" Is On Now

Voting For "Afterglow: The Eighties Musical Experience" Is On Now

A play, based on the lives of some of the original GLOW girls and penned by a first time play-wright, is making quite a buzz on the Los Angeles theater scene these days.

"Afterglow: The Eighties Musical Experience" has been nominated for 7 BroadwayWorld Los Angeles awards and online voting is on now to help the play clinch their nominations.

Among the seven nominations for the play, "Afterglow" creator, original GLOW girl and CAC attendee/honoree (CAC 2017 Women's Wrestling Award: GLOW) Roxy Astor has been nominated for "Costume Design of the Decade".

The CAC would like to extend our congratulations to the entire ensemble for their accomplishments and wishes all of the nominees the best of luck in winning their respective categories.

CAC members and GLOW fans are encouraged to vote online for the play's nominees by visiting the BroadwayWorld regional 2020 awards site at:

Your email address will be required on the site to validate your vote and after you cast your votes you will be sent an email asking you to click on a link to confirm your ballot. Fail to confirm your votes and they will not be counted.

Also, current CAC members can look forward to reading more about the "AfterGlow" as one of the featured stories in the upcoming edition of the EAR. The Winter Edition is being laid out now and will soon be ready to ship to the printer and, from there, into the postal system. Please remember that you must have your CAC membership dues paid up in order to receive the EAR.