Belated Birthday Greetings to a Women's Wrestling Legend!

Belated Birthday Greetings to a Women's Wrestling Legend!

Longtime CAC member, 2010 CAC honoree, regular attendee and athletic legend Joyce Grable celebrated another birthday on Nov. 9th! She's still Georgia-proud(originally from Columbus which has always been a great wrestling town). She classically grew up a fan and was trained by her childhood idol in Judy Grable as well as Fabulous Moolah and debuted in 1971. Joyce went on to over twenty years in the biz, wrestling nearly everywhere on the planet.

Joyce is a multiple-time champion in women's wrestling and helped train and mentor countless others starting with CAC's Judy Martin in 1979. When she first debuted, Moolah was credited with giving her the name of Joyce Grable because Moolah/Lil felt she looked "nearly like the first Joyce Grable in the business;" that being Joyce Fowler who used that work name from 1963-1974.

Among our Joyce's many successful runs includes she and Vicki Williams defeating the tough heel duo of Toni Rose and Donna Christanello in October of 1973 in New York at MSG. Five years later she pinned CAC honoree Ann Casey to become U.S. Women's Champion. In 1979, she and Williams beat her own trainee Judy Martin paired with Leilani Kai to regain the World Women's Tag straps. And from 1973-1983, Joyce had many amazing bouts with Moolah for the women's title in WWWF/WWF arenas. As Wendi Richter mentioned several years ago when she was honored in Las Vegas by us, she gave tons of credit and appreciation to Joyce for training her. In 1982, they became a very tough cowgirl team wrestling all over North America. Many will never forget Grable and Williams outstanding matches in Calgary for example against Velvet McIntyre and Judy Martin. That feud spilled into the AWA in 1983 where Joyce would regularly return, later wrestling in 10-women's battle royals and against Sherri Martel(CAC honoree, 1995). Joyce returned to Calgary for CAC honoree Stu Hart's fantastic Stampede promotion in between AWA stints. She also held the NWA Texas Women's Title. In 2013, she was inducted into the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame, was Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Female Wrestler of the year in 1973 and was also honored as "Wrestler Of The Week" by CAC's Gordon Solie and Bill Apter in 1986 on their Pro Wrestling This Week syndicated tv show.

Joyce also helped Debbie Combs and Edwina Burns with the Delta Tiger Lilies promotion in the late 80's which saw 2018 CAC honoree Malia Hosaka debut in California. Once she retired in 1991 after having back surgery, she helped train(and manage)more female stars. Betty got a huge pop managing in an 8 women's tag at the very first WrestleReunion convention in Tampa, FL in 2005.

In 2013, Joyce successfully fought serious cancer that later saw a benefit show in her owner promoted in Florida. Most of us who've known her for years, know her best for her ever-present smile and kindness towards everyone. She has always given back to the wrestling industry(as well as defended it)and her many friends around the world.

We hope that you had a very happy birthday Ms B(just don't call her Betty without her permission or she might armbar you into submission) and will have many more to come!