CAC Radio Co-host Needs Our Prayers

CAC Radio Co-host Needs Our Prayers

The CAC radio show has been on a long hiatus and many had wondered why.

It is because co-host Jim Valley was having voice problems that he was hoping would soon get better.

In July, Jim told me that he didn't have a voice at that particular time and that he would record a new show when his Doctor gave him the okay.

Yesterday on Facebook, Brian Westcott, the 2012 CAC Red Bastien Friendship Award winner shared a post that explained to the Facebook world what has been happening with Jim.

In the post Jim's wife, Kari, gave an update.

"Jim has a rare autoimmune disease called GPA (formerly known as Wegener's) and while it has been in remission for about 6+ years, he is having a flare-up. He got laryngitis in July but it manifested into pneumonia which we didn't know until last week. He has a fantastic team working with him, one step at a time."

Jim is currently in the ICU and the Cauliflower Alley Club would like to send Kari and Jim our sincerest well wishes for a speedy recovery.

You can send your get well wishes and tweets of encouragement to him on Twitter at @JimValley.

In addition to CAC Radio, Jim also hosts and/or co-hosts other popular Internet wrestling podcasts such as Wrestling Observer Live, the Pacific Rim Pro Wrestling Podcast and the Portland WrestleCast.

Get well soon Jim. When you're fully recovered and well rested we all look forward to hearing you back behind the microphone with Matthew Roblez for many more editions of CAC Radio and the rest of your podcasts too!