Wall Street Journal Spotlights Versatile AJ Kirsch

Wall Street Journal Spotlights Versatile AJ Kirsch

Longtime CAC member and attendee AJ Kirsch has always known how to market himself. From his career as a student graduate of APW Wrestling Bootcamp in Northern California to his in-ring wrestling career and work as a TV show color commentator and ring announcer; he's always wisely kept his internal p.r. and media machines going. Which is why he's given and also been part of other daytime CAC seminar panels on the best ways to market for career success.

AJ each year has also been our Sunday and Monday affiliated wrestling show's lead ring announcer plus years ago, created the "one fall!" audience/announcer participation chant/call-back response that's now become a global ritual for many international promotions.

He was just featured in the Wall Street Journal's front page article "Look Who's Live Streaming Themselves" the other day. He conducts a live Twitch streaming fitness class(5:30 pm PDT at Twitch.TV/AJKirsch) on how to exercise without fitness equipment, often in his heel Broseph Joe Brody heel wrestling character to "help pay the rent during the Pandemic which has shut down wrestling shows."

AJ's current main job is now in the booth helping call all the TV action for Major League Wrestling's global TV show(here in the U.S. on sports cable channel BeIn on weekends). MLW owner Court Bauer was very happy both AJ and his company got this major mainstream press.

AJ deftly hosts his well regarded class three days a week from his home in Berkley, CA. And averages about $250/month from paid account subs to his Twitch Channel plus $20-$100/episode in tips via payment Apps subscribers use like PayPal. So that's why he no longer worries about paying rent until live wrestling events get kicking again! AJ as all CAC'ers will recall, is also the proud belt-holder of Dwayne Johnson's international promo challenge several years ago that of course AJ won. Job well done AJ, as always.