Please Keep Cindy Hall in Your Prayers!

Please Keep Cindy Hall in Your Prayers!

The Cauliflower Alley Club would like to send our sincerest get well wishes and prayers for healing to our own CAC songstress Cindy Hall.

Cindy took to her Facebook account on Sunday July 20 to let her friends know what is going on with her, healthwise.

"To all my friends and family...this is the only way I can let you all know what is happening. I am still in hospital but my Covid is getting better... Before it got better it attacked my heart and I am now in Atrial Fibrillation... They are treating me with blood thinners and beta blockers until I am physically able to have a CardioVersion.. Covid 19 can and does attack your heart as well as your lungs... Please Be Careful...Wear your Mask if you can....and don't go anywhere if you don't feel well... Its not worth the heartache you can do to yourself or your loved ones.. God Bless you all."

God bless you too Cindy and from all of us at the CAC happy, healthy and healing wishes!

The entire club is in your corner!