Vegas reopens and The EAR's on the way!!

Vegas reopens and The EAR's on the way!!

Great news CAC members! With the bright lights of Las Vegas starting to, once again, shine brightly in the desert oasis, economies around the globe gradually re-opening and life slowly but surely returning to a new "normal" we here at the CAC are also eagerly getting ready to push forward as we inch ever so closely to the date of our (rescheduled) 55th annual CAC reunion Sept. 21-23 at the Gold Coast Hotel in Casino.

With that in mind we'd like to let all current members in good standing know to keep their eyes on their mailbox as the, virus delayed, updated edition of the CAC newsletter is now in motion and on its way to you.

A big thank you to Royal Publishing for pushing to get the EAR published in a timely manner. A task that wasn't easy during the government mandated shutdown of non-essential business in the publishing companies home state of Illinois.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy the latest edition of the EAR en-route to you now and we urge you to also keep an eye on your email inbox in the days ahead as CAC President B. Brian Blair will have some exciting news coming to your inbox regarding our big upcoming 55th scheduled to take place from Sept. 21-23 in Las Vegas!

As the late, great Canadian wrestling legend Billy "Red" Lyons would say, "You won't want to miss this one"!