CAC Honoree Diamond Dallas Page Back on Global Stage

On the same day CAC's Rock Riddle was shown in a 1970's clip on ABC TV's Good Morning America news program in a Fred Willard obituary segment, another CAC regular attendee and Honoree in Diamond Dallas Page(Page Joseph Falkinburg) was shown in the critically acclaimed ESPN documentary The Last Dance. The ten part, 20 hour documentary series was rushed to air by ABC during the Covid19 Pandemic to educate and entertain(it wasn't originally scheduled to run for many months but has garnered record ratings with a follow-up panel extra episode debuting Tuesday night, May 19th).

In one of the last and most important Last Dance episodes that debuted globally last night, Page walked down the ramp for the Bash At The Beach main event pay-per-view match towards the ring, getting attacked by heels Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Dennis "The Worm" Rodman. The key WCW footage now owned by WWE, was shown and vitally important because Rodman had famously blown off another practice session to participate in that wrestling event(Rodman and Hogan opposing DDP and Karl Malone) angering his fellow Chicago Bulls players including Jordan, legendary coach Phil Jackson, Bulls fans and media during the Bulls run for another NBA Championship. Rodman repeatedly wacked DDP with a metal chair, especially once Page's back was exposed laying on the ramp.

Page is of course a former three-time WCW World Champion, actor and fitness trainer; originally trained to wrestle after a long managerial career by Jake Roberts at WCW's Power Plant facility. Years later, Page paid it both back and forward in helping bring Jake, Scott Hall and others through long, tough roads to sustained sobriety and improved health after their years of admitted addiction. Also a long-time CAC Vegas event attendee and honoree himself, Jake thanked his friend DDP in both his CAC and WWE Hall Of Fame acceptance speeches for saving his life. And given his life back, Jake has returned to success as a top heel manager for AEW, along with fellow CAC honorees Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard(inducted as part of the Four Horsemen into WWE's Hall Of Fame).

After his last WWE stint wrestling, DDP was a motivational speaker for years. But now might be best known currently for creating his DDPYoga(originally started as Yoga For Guys and nicknamed "Not Your Mama's Yoga!") which has also improved the physical health of women and men around the world. Countless wrestlers, athletes and entertainers have given testimonials to how DDPYoga has helped them lose weight while gaining strength and mobility. Plus DDP might be the very first wrestler to have ever had his own full-length television infomercial on his course. He recently was one of the star participants in the world's first virtual-reality, online and free wrestler convention named CovidCon. The near non-stop, two day weekend event tried replicating the experience of a typical fanfest convention. Most wrestlers and vendors in the business have suffered huge financial loss since March when nearly all wrestling shows, signings and physical fanfests/conventions occurring every weekend were cancelled worldwide. CovidCon successfully aimed to help, allowing wrestlers, wrestling book authors, comic book authors, historians and more pitch their gimix, etc in half-hour segments. In DDP's segment, he showed new ways DDP Yoga has helped others including yet another generation of main event wrestling stars who say they use it for flexibility and improved highspot execution. Others appearing on CovidCon included CAC'ers Greg Oliver, Rock Riddle, Pat Laprade and Bertrand Hebert(authors of the incredible new ECW Press Andre The Giant autobiography "The Eighth Wonder Of The World" that everyone is raving about) plus over 70 wrestlers, all trying to help one another).

DDP was inducted by former WCW head Eric Bischoff into WWE's Hall of Fame in 2017. And once again on Sunday, 5/17/20; pro wrestling was an important part of world discussion.