Welcome to the team new CAC secretary Rich Ingling and new Members Relations Leader Shawn Colonna!

I want to give a huge shout out to our newest Caulifloweralleyclub.org leadership personnel, Rich Ingling! Taking on the position of Secretary is not a easy thing to do. This is a very demanding position and as the Treasurer & Benevolent Chairperson, I work hand in hand with Rich.

I greatly appreciate his can do attitude and his drive for perfection. His credentials and personal knowledge of the total Vegas Experience is going to be paramount in assisting the CAC to moving forward to bigger things to come in Vegas.

Our annual memberships and new Lifetime memberships are growing like ---Wildfire--- Special thanks to Shawn Colonna, as our Member Relations leader, he has been hard at work developing a very organized member data base which has enabled the CAC to respond with lightning speed! Brand new member packets have received much praise from the recent recipients.

These are just some of the updated positions recently posted on our caulifloweralleyclub.org site, but I wanted everyone to have a better idea of what these fine people are involved in and how much they are appreciated.

CAC - Proud,