About the CAC

The Cauliflower Alley Club is pro wrestling’s only 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, and thanks to generous people like you, we are able to assist many people from the wrestling industry who have helped entertain us for so many years.

Every one of our CAC leadership team members donate their time to raise money to help former full-time wrestlers who are in need. Over the past 22 years, our benevolent fund has helped many wrestlers, with most of the donations going towards either medical payments or death expenses.

The CAC has assisted more than 150 members in financial need with well over a quarter of a million dollars. That’s pretty good for a club that had $10 dues for the first 30 years and $25 dues since.

The only way all that could have happened is through the generosity of each of you. As a member, you help support those in need, and I cannot tell you enough how much that means to many of the people we’ve helped. We are not a source of income, but we are there to help when someone is truly in need. And speaking of income, we donate money in the form of a cash grant, which means it’s a gift; not income or a loan.

From the very beginning, we agreed to never reveal the names of those we have helped, unless they gave us permission to do so. Our purpose was not to make ourselves look good, but simply to help those in need. In turn, several of those we’ve helped have told us that they would be honored to have us use their names to help promote the benevolent fund. A few of those include Bobby Heenan, Brickhouse Brown, Ox Baker, Kamala, Don Fargo, and Jerry Gray.

The CAC is your club, and your membership and donations will continue to help our brothers and sisters in need. We thank you for that.

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