Under the Shade Tree (7/08/09)

To start this addition I would  ask you to remember a singing group from 1969 to 1983 The Carpenters. Many would remember this group but how many would remember their first names Richard and Karen. Well in our business when we talk about carpenters most of us do not remember any of their names. We called them jabronies and we could work tight with them or even throw a potato every now and then and beat them in the middle of the squared cricle.  Heck, if they showed any potential we might let them make a short come back before we went home.

Well how many of us started the same way? I for one worked my first match for Cowboy Luttrel it was a battle royal and I got the living crap beat out of me. I then was trained by the great Ella Waldeck. Where would some of us be if it was not for those carpenters? A TV squash job led to a main event that night. Who were these people? Some were actually pistols but lacked the showmanship of the business to be on top. Some got old and did not want to quit. Some did it part time as they wanted to keep their jobs or business ( note- these may have been smarter than most of us ). Then there was the poor bastard that the promoter threw in the ring so his friends could see him on TV. Some worked for the opposition and were stretched then told to get out the locker room. Then there  was the one that caught some ones eye who then talked to the promoter and worked his way up the ladder.

Now a word of advise to all you young oneâ??s out there. So you want to be a wrestler? Let me tell you what to do first!  You find a coach then you train a year or two, lead a good clean life and stay out of trouble,  As trouble, you have to get a headlock on it before it gets a scissor lock on you.  While your in your training youâ??ll find you’ll meet a test.  It may take you ten or fifteen years to mingle with the best.  But when your training days are over and thru and people would like to see a real wrestler they will take a look at you. Hey muscle heads you did not know I was a poet. Well as I stated in my first issue of Under the Shade Tree my writing may be controversial. Well l am going to arbitrarily pick a percentage. I will say 60 % of all carpenters, jabronies, jobbers or whatever name you use could of out wrestled a So Called Super Star with the initials H. H. At my age I would like to see him beat me with a leg drop. On second thought maybe his leg is as big as his head.

Well now its time to say goodbye to my friends at CAC.

C is for the courtesy that all of you have given me at the convention.

A is for the admiration I have for all of you.

C is for the consideration you gave me when I accepted the award for my good friend Princess Jasmine who sadly passed away shortly after the reunion due to complications from cancer.
Well until next time be safe, happy and above all stay healthy.

See you soon as we once again, sit Under the Shade Tree.
                               Beverly Shade

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