Under the Shade Tree- 3-16-09

As promised todays subject is promoters. I will start with most that I have worked for. Cowboy Luttrell ( Florida ) what a shame a man with initials EG entered his life. Nick Gulas ( Tennessee ) at least I did not have to carry a wallet in his territory. Jerry Lawler ( Tennessee ) always respectable ). Frankie Cane ( Mississippi ) true to his word. Pegson International ( Africa ) How lucky we are to be Americans. New Girls Wrestling ( Japan ) no pay we no stay. Moolah ( Thailand ) rough tour lost several teeth and a shoulder dislocation. Carlos Colon ( Puerto Rico ) he helped me complete my tour with a torn up knee. Vince Mc Mahon senior New York ) what a fine man who upheld the integrity of our business. Alfa and Sika ( New Jersey, Caribbean ) Samoans remain forever in my heart due to the kindness of Alfa and Sika.Dave the bear man McKigney ( Canada ) nine months of some great times and meeting wonderful people. I must acknowledge one more Billy Blue River my husband ( Florida, Georgia, Caribbean ) he programmed womenâ??s Wrestling as a Sport not a novelty.

I as many girls did not work for dogmatic promoters this personality in their mind encouraged other ideas that if not successful were transferred to their booker who then decided who goes over. Yes you are right some who went over ended up UNDER we will let that alone.Promtion involves much work : venue, insurance, tickets, security, doctors, permits, ring, special effects, talent, advertisement,concessions,programs and much more. You know what maybe we did not have it too bad we had to travel to the match, lace up those darn wrestling shoes, go out and take some bumps and bruises, shower, find a motel and register for one person knowing that in all probability seven more workers would come sneaking in.

And in the morning we would travel and start the whole darn thing again, with hopes that the promoter was doing the same.

See you next time when we will sit under the shade tree together.

Next time will be a mystery topic


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