Under the Shade Tree – 2/15/09

Welcome to another addition of Under The Shade Tree.

I would like to mention that some of my columns may be controversial as I am merely stating my opinion.

Well last time I stated we will discuss marks and women wrestlers. We will start with marks. I was a guest at this years Titan three convention which benefits the Wrestling Hall of Fame. During the autograph session a fan came to me and told me that he witnessed a match between myself and Carmen Monge in London Ontario Canada many years ago. He stated it was the talk of the town as Carmen hit me with a wrench and blood was flowing from my head.

I was so glad he did not ask a question about was it the same as today. Do not get me wrong todays workers are some great athletes but I would have broke this fans heart if I told him anything different than I tell any fan ( the wrestling in our days was NOT a work ) I can not believe that some of our early years talent would even have a TV show exposing and training actors etc. SORRY I am too proud of all that worked their butts off to protect the business ,if I am starving and need food McDonalds and Wal-Mart are always hiring.

Now switching to lady wrestlers very few remain visible let alone being outspoken. I will mention some both living and gone and can you imagine them saying anything negative about wrestling. My mentor Ella Waldek, Vivian Vachon, Rita Cortez, Lilly Thomas, Penny Banner, Joyce Grable, Ann Casey, Jean Antone, Judy Grable, Gladys Killam Gillam, Natasha, Teresa Thies, Betty Jo Hawkins, Ethel Brown, just to mention a few. We were wrestlers and protected the business I will say no more other than there were many others I failed to mention due to space and memory at this time.

Well maybe your thinking well Beverly whats next, this is a different type column than normal in CAC, my answer is this next month I will discuss promoters. We were treated by our in ring knowledge not what we looked like in a bikini. See you soon at the CAC convention.

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