Under the Shade Tree – 01/25/09

I wish to thank CAC for the opportunity to write this column. For those of you that do not know me I am Beverly Shade and started my wrestling career in 1957.The same year Lou Thesz had his first Japanese match. The same year Danny Hodge was on the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine. The same year Bruno Sammartino made his debut. My how time flies and so many of our friends and colleagues have gone down for the testimonial 10 count.

The CAC is a rejuvenation where we not only reminisce but discuss current and future plans and activities. It also mends many feud ignited by behavior and jealousy. My its great to see enemies turn to comrades. Hey I am not excluding myself. Us woman wrestlers and I emphasize WRESTLERS well we had our problems to. But they were the good old days when kayfabe was a secretive professional phrase now its all over the internet and used by backyard so called wrestlers. To stretch meant to hurt now its we need more time till our next commercial. To shoot did not mean to shoot up.

Well enough of that we were so lucky and gifted in our own way.

A happy 2009 to all of you. Hey are there any marks left ? We will discuss next time, plus more about the ladies of wrestling.

Beverly Shade

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