The new home of CAC Headquarters

During this year’s CAC Reunion in Las Vegas it was announced that the club’s Board of Directors was going to undergo some major changes in April 2015.  Brian Blair is the new CAC President-elect, and he will begin running the club when current President Nick Bockwinkel retires in April.

It was also announced that long-time Executive Vice President Karl Lauer will be stepping down from his role.  He has donated over three decades of time to the CAC and he feels it is time to turn the position over to someone else.

That someone else is….Morgan Dollar from Rural Hall, NC!

No doubt Morgan will do a great job as EVP when he assumes the position this coming April.  For the record, he has let it be known that his first order of business will be to move the club’s unofficial headquarters from Karl’s beautiful home:

Karl House

To his personal residence in Rural Hall, NC:

Morgan House

Yes this “house” is slightly less impressive but we’re told it does have electricity and running water.  It could use a new roof though, so if anybody has the time and can actually FIND Rural Hall, NC…please let Morgan know.

Obviously the CAC is going to be in good hands for many, many years to come!

Editor’s note: Obviously we’re just having some fun with Morgan…he knows we love him and we’re excited about his nomination as the club’s next EVP. 

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2 Responses to “The new home of CAC Headquarters”

  1. If anyone needs directions on how to get to Rural Hall let me know…I’ve been to the Dollar Downs….. 🙂

  2. That lovely line shack was actually built in 1823 on our neighbors place approx 36 miles from our house and was used for bad weather while out checking the cattle to let the cowboys have a place out of the weather. It was really quite fashion able in its day.