The CAC awards a scholarship to Molly Burke


The Cauliflower Alley Club is proud to announce that Molly Burke has received a donation from the CAC Scholarship Fund.  The CAC board of directors reviews all eligible candidates and then distributes the funds to the people most deserving.  Molly is a very deserving candidate.

Here is a brief bio of the CAC’s scholarship winner:

Molly Burke is 18 years old and was trained in wrestling from age 7 by her dad “Mr Outrageous” Al Burke. Molly was undefeated all the way through her entire senior year. She also played softball throughout high school and she has been accepted for admittance by four universities: California State Fullerton, Texas Christian, San Francisco State, and the University of Minnesota.  She has also donated countless hours to community service, and her letters of recommendation from both school and church leaders are most impressive.

When notified of the scholarship, Molly replied:

“I grew up training in the wrestling ring and have always been a big fan of professional wrestling, so it is a huge honor that the CAC awarded me with this scholarship. Thank you to the Cauliflower Alley Club.”

Congratulations to Molly, and best wishes in all of your future adventures!

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One Response to “The CAC awards a scholarship to Molly Burke”

  1. Congratulations to Molly! I hope she chooses University of Minnesota! It’s a great U of M is a great university and we also have great wrestling here in the cities….we could always use another good female wrestler.