The BEST Fried Dill Pickles & The BEST BBQ!

Executive Vice President Karl Lauer and Babs Lauer Visit with Jim and Jan Ross in Norman Oklahoma

Last Thursday on our way to Dallas we stopped by JR’s BBQ in Norman, Oklahoma for a late lunch. We had set this up several weeks ago, and what a great 4 hour lunch. We got there around 2:00 pm Jim came in a few minutes later.

By this time we had already polished off a order of the greatest fried dill pickles this side of the moon. They are habit forming, and so good.

Jim then suggested the JR sampler plate, my oh my, here comes a large platter of BBQ Ribs, Brisket slices, Pulled Pork and fantastic Cole slaw (ala JR style) and country green beans with a side of Fried Okra. Desert was topped of with a cup of coffee and his special fried pies, Cherry and Chocolate.

About 2:30 the real reason JR is so good at what he does, his inspiration of 17 plus years arrived and joined us for lunch, Jan Ross. What a delightful lady,  her and Babs hit it off right from the get go. The girls had a nice visit, I suspect they were telling each other how glad they were to have two guys like us.

Jim and I had a nice visit, reminisced about the first lunch we had back in the early 80’s.  Talked about everything from the BBQ business, to the world problems and very little about wrestling, We did touch on his days with the Von Erich’s. He truly has done it all in the wrestling business. His unique style of commentating has made him a one of a kind household name.

If you ever get anywhere near Oklahoma City your only minutes to Norman, treat yourself to a great meal, at very affordable prices and if Jim is there your in for a double treat, and if Jan should be around you hit the triple jack pot.

If you looking for that BBQ sauce you just have’nt seamed to find yet, head on over to That’s where it is! Beef Jerky? It’s there! You can always find a special deal at JR’s BBQ. So jump on over and place your order and tell JR how good it is when your in Vegas!

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