The 2014 CAC Honorees… And A Word About The Ear


CAC is proud to announce the 2014 honorees to be recognized at the 49th anniversary reunion, June 2 – 4 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

But before we do that, a word about the January/February(mailed out this week) issue of The Ear, our newsletter.  This issue contained information on the honorees, but unfortunately the identities of a few honorees were placed in the wrong category.  Those receiving The Ear should be sure to note the enclosed stuffer, explaining the error and naming the correct honorees.  Our apologies to all of our readers and the honorees themselves for this error.

Without further ado, the official 2014 honorees are…..

“Iron Mike” Award
Terry Taylor


Lou Thesz Lifetime Achievement Award
Michael P.S. Hayes


1st Ever Cauliflower Alley ClubTrainers Award
Ron Hutchison


Women’s Active Award
Melissa Anderson


Men’s Active Award
Adam Pearce


Men’s Active Award
Dan “Short Sleeve” Sampson


Women’s Retired Award
Debbie Pelletier


Men’s Retired Award
Buddha Kahn


Jason Sanderson Humanitarian Award
Sean Dunster


Red Bastien Friendship Award
John Arthur Lowe


Along with Several Other Surprise Awards Including The Golden Ear, The Future Legend along with a few others….

Congratulations to all the 2014 Cauliflower Alley Club Honorees!

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