The seminars presented annually at the CAC reunion could well be termed ‘advanced education’, with a scope that isn’t available anywhere else.  Individual seminars by established names are great, but you’d have to hit a lot of them to pick up the knowledge you can gain in just two days at the reunion.
This year, nine members of the wrestling fraternity mount the seminar stage to discuss a variety of subjects.  Their experience runs from the 1950’s all the way to today, and it provides a wealth of accumulated knowledge.  That knowledge is freely available to CAC members, from the greenest rookie right up to the men and women who currently populate rings all over the continent.
Let’s have a look at the seminar roster….
KROFFAT52CDan Kroffat, “Life After Wrestling Starts NOW!”; Tuesday, April 16, 9:00 am
You’ve got many years of life to live after your wrestling career, be it short or long, winds up.  In this day and age, your chances of making it big in the ring are slim.  You’ve got to face the facts: wrestling  almost certainly won’t make you rich, and it definitely won’t equip you with the skills and knowledge required to make a good living in the everyday world. You need a plan, and a plan that starts now.  Dan Kroffat lived the ring life for over 15 years, but right from the get-go, he set out to equip himself to make a secure living for the rest of his working years, and into retirement.  The route can vary: higher education, specialized training, apprenticeship and other avenues, but timing is the secret of success.  Start now…..and get a head-start on the rest of your life.  Dan can show you the way, and he’s proof positive that this approach works.
HOOPER6ASteve Hooper, “Working With the Zebra”; Tuesday, April 16, 10:30 am
Many of today’s wrestlers feel the referee is just the guy who wanders around the ring and counts falls, but he should be – and can be –  so much more than that.  Steve Hooper originally trained as a wrestler, but switched his sights to refereeing and never looked back.  He’ll look at the third man from the perspective of the wrestler, examining the ref’s real role and function, and how best to work with him to produce a smooth, appealing match.
You’ll hear how the ref is an integral and sometimes very important part of the match, what he can do for the wrestlers, how he can improve the match.  Steve will talk about good and bad ref heat, middling the ref, the right and wrong way to use the ref as a messenger, and much more. This isn’t a how-to-ref seminar; it’s for the wrestlers, and who knows, the knowledge they gain here might just make its way to the ref back home.

Paul ‘Butcher’ Vachon, Tom Andrews, Beverly Shade and Bruce Swayze, “The Lessons We Learned”; Tuesday, April 16, 1:00 pm.






Put four wrestlers together and the recollections are guaranteed to flow.  The aim here is to spotlight some of the hard ring lessons learned by these four as their careers progressed, and well-remembered even today.  Paul Vachon travelled the world learning what works and what doesn’t in many different cultures.  Tom Andrews spent years under a mask as The Claw, an Intern, a Medic, and that brought its own set of lessons.  Beverly Shade can speak authoritatively to the women’s side of things, and Bruce Swayze was often in serious hotspots with his flamboyant style.
How much heat is too much heat?  What to do if your opponent gets a little too brave with riled-up fans?  Cooling it down when the heat’s too high?  That’s just a sample: Paul, Tom, Bev and Bruce will have plenty more!
MURPHY-DAN1ADan Murphy, “The Art of Self-Promotion: Stand Out From the Pack”; Wednesday, April 17, 9:00 am.
If you don’t promote yourself, nobody else will.  That’s especially true in today’s indy world, and no one knows it better than Dan Murphy, the veteran Pro Wrestling Illustrated senior writer and public relations pro.  He’s seen the full gamut of promo packages, from slick and polished right through to almost useless.  Whether they’re press packages or booking packages, too many wouldn’t generate any interest whatever from the media or promoters.
Sit in on this seminar, and Dan can give you plenty of guidance on designing, preparing and distributing your package.  You’ll learn how to increase your public exposure, generate bookings, build your portfolio and in the end, advance your career.   The package is your foot in the door, and you only get one chance to make a favorable first impression.
KIZARNEY4CSinn Bodhi, a/k/a Kizarny, “Spots: What, Where, When, Why”; Wednesday, April 17, 10:30 am.
How often have you heard it?  How often have you said it?  “I’ve got to get all my spots in!” How often have you heard matches described, often disparagingly, as “just another spotfest”?
Every wrestler has some, every wrestler uses them.  But the word ‘spots’ says it all:  they’re just one ingredient among holds, throws, locks, kicks, punches, moves, counter-moves and more.  Sinn Bodhi will talk about the decisions you need to make about spots, whether you plan your match in detail or just get in the ring and work. What spot to use? Where does it fit in?  When to use it?  Why is it being used?  All that and much more from a man who’s acknowledged as one of the sharpest minds in the business today.
HUTCHISON-RON,EDGE,CHRISTIAN1CRon Hutchison, “Inside the World of Training”; Wednesday, April 17, 1:00 pm.
Widely acknowledged as Canada’s foremost wrestling trainer, Ron Hutchison set many top wrestlers on the path to success.  Edge.  Christian. Trish Stratus.  Gail Kim.  Joe E. Legend.  Fellow seminar leader Sinn Bodhi, and many more.  In a CAC exclusive, for the first time ever in a public forum, Ron will discuss his 30-year training career and his take on today’s training landscape.
He’ll acquaint you with the qualities and styles of a good trainer, what training approach to look for, the signs of a questionable trainer, and the costs to be expected..  Ron will talk basic versus advanced training, when to walk and when to run, and so much more.  It’s priceless advice from a premier trainer, and it’s only available if you’re at the CAC reunion.
That’s the series……..see you there!

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