Terry Leavitt Completes Drawing For CAC

Canada’s own Terry Leavitt is a big wrestling fan who loved to draw. However, at the age of 20 Terry had a life altering accident. He was involved in a diving accident in 2001 at Canal Beach leaving Terry a Quadriplegic (C-4,C-5 vertebrae). Leaving Terry with no movement from his shoulders down.

When he first arrived at the hospital, the Doctors gave him a 1% chance of living. He spent 5 weeks in the St. John Regional Hospital. Terry was then transferred to Stan Cassidy Rehab in Fredericton. At first in his state of mind, with no use of his limbs, he questioned himself to what he could do.

A few days later, a Recreational Therapist asked him what his favorite hobby was before the accident. Terry quickly told her, “Drawing.” The therapist gave him a paint brush and held a piece of paper up to his face. That didn’t please Terry and he ask her for a pencil and marker. Terry started drawing. And quickly realized the one thing he could do that his mobility could not take away from him, was his love for drawing.

Terry has been commissioned to draw several different photos for people and has been very successful at getting paid to do what he loves.

Terry being a lifelong fan of professional wrestling, after contacting the Cauliflower Alley Club through PW 24/7 about possibly donating a custom piece of art to be auctioned off at the CACs April 2012 event for the CAC’s benevolent fund, both organizations took a keen interest in Terrys story  and decided to take it one giant leap further!

CAC and PW 24/7 have teamed up to give a lifelong fan a very special, once in a lifetime opportunity  by giving Terry the opportunity to visit the world famous Las Vegas this coming  April to take in all the festivities of CACs annual event, and meet some of his heros in person!

Both groups are extremely proud to be able to give to such a noble and worthy cause. PW 24/7 will be LIVE on-location covering the event, and will bring you comments from Terry himself on his experiences during the weekend.

You can learn more about Terry on his Facebook page by searching for, Terry Leavitt. Or by searching for, Charcoal Drawing’s done by mouth.

The photos to the left are just a small example of Terry’s wonderful talent.

A special thank you to PW24/7 for contacting the “Ring Of Friendship” about this wonderful artist.


UPDATED!!!!!!!!!! UPDATED!!!!!!!!!! UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Below is the 16 x 20 drawing by Terry Leavitt to be auctioned at the 2012 CAC Reunion.


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