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The Last Round celebrates the GLOW girls

On this edition of The Last Round, hosted by CAC member Jim Cooley, Debi Pelletier and Roxy Astor of GLOW join the show and are candid about their time in pro wrestling and various other ventures. The guys also discuss the White House refusing to intervene on Nick Diaz’ behalf, a Rousey vs. Holm rematch, […]

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Join the AfterGLOW fan party

Live! Join an on stage Q@A, interactive party with some of the original cast of the popular 80’s TV show GLOW. It’s about time !! This is The AfterGlow Fan Party! What really happened after GLOW the TV show was cancelled? Most of the GLOW girls talk to their fans on a regular basis. IMAGINE, […]

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GLOW star Big Bad Mama passes away

Courtesy of Diva-Dirt.com: GLOW star Lynn Braxton, who wrestled as Big Bad Mama, had died of cancer at age 61. Braxton appeared on seasons three and four of GLOW, wrestling as an intimidating powerhouse with a painted face. She appeared in the GLOW documentary, which aired recently on LOGO. She also made an appearance on an episode […]

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