Should Matt Riviera be Granted an NWA Title Match?

By : For 67 years, the NWA World Heavyweight Championship has been synonymous with legacy and tradition when it comes to professional wrestling.   Affectionately called the The Legendary 10lbs of Gold, the top prize in the National Wrestling Alliance has been more or less idle while residing in the land of the Rising Sun around the waist of one Hiroyoshi Tenzan.  Either due to other obligations or maybe even a lack of interest, the NWA World Championship has laid idle for far too long, the title hasn’t been defended since April. Apparently two NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship matches will happen this month in Texas. August 29th the former Unified National/North American Champion and all around monster Jax Dane will be stomping into San Antonio Texas for Branded Outlaw Wrestling to challenge for the title. Now, not for one second am I attempting to take anything away from Godzilla as he has earned his shot. But for the second scheduled match, I would like to make the case for “Lover Boy” Matt Riviera.

This article was in no way influenced by any member of the Empire.

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2 Responses to “Should Matt Riviera be Granted an NWA Title Match?”

  1. I think this is an important question. When I held one of the NWA regional titles back in the early 2000s (the Gulf Coast Heavyweight), I thought it was incumbent on me to “showcase” the belt by giving matches to the top guys on shows in my region. Of course, that was right when TNA went exclusive with the NWA World title so it wasn’t getting toured outside the company and I didn’t get a shot at Jarrett or Christian. Water under a washed out bridge…

    So, I would support Matt, as having been a loyal and active NWA wrestler, to get a title bout. It might not turn into a whole classic title chase program a la Brisco-Funk but even one match would be a good reward for his supporting the NWA all this time.

  2. I agree with Nighthawk that Matt Rivera DOES deserve a NWA World Title Match.
    You might not like him but his credentials speak for themselves.